Global South will “contain the US into its borders”

Global South will “contain the US into its borders”

On the 26th and 27th of February, the Russian Federation hosted over 500 participants from more than 130 countries in Moscow to challenge Western hegemony in the Second Congress of the International Russophile Movement (MIR).

UWI documents in the following days some speeches delivered in the congress. Today we publish the speech of Amal Wahdan, Founder and editor of the Arab Gazette.

Thank you very much. But first, please allow me to ask you for a moment of silence in commemoration and in respect for the 35,000 people of Palestine who have been genocided in Gaza since October. Thank you.

This is our traditional embroidery. It’s handmade embroidery. And this shell was made by my friend Hind, forced to leave Gaza neighborhood to Khan Younes area due to the continuous airstrikes and ground incursions of Israeli military occupation. Now I don’t know where Hind is. I hope she’s still alive, and I hope that she will contact us again.

Actually, the main topic that is raised here in this session about the axis of resistance from one side and about the global south, which I have titled my presentation, Global South and the Power.

The latest development in Gaza after October 7 has shaken again the global world order and has shown us that the Israeli military occupation is backed up, supported, sponsored and actually run by the US administration.

The US administration has full power to call for a ceasefire immediately after this war started, but they chose not to do so because they are totally implicit in this war. And this is not the only war that was taking place by American unipolar and its allies.

Since 1989, the US has been inflicting wars on the South. And we can count a number of wars. And also in Europe, if you remember the Balkan War, where Eastern Europe were divided into many states and where millions of people have been affected. And later on, if we go on, there is the 2001 war against Afghanistan, then Iraq, then what they call the Arab Spring, where seven Arab countries were targeted by the USA.

Now, after October 7th, as I said, this has changed, while the American unipolar is in decline.

When we see that the state of Yemen, who is still under war by again the U.S. and its allies in the area, neighbors of Yemen, have taken a strategic decision to close the trade of Bab el-Mandeb and to prevent any Israeli ship, later on any American and British ship to go through the Red Sea, we will see that this strategic decision by Yemen was taken and was inflicting not only the region but the global trade.

Imagine that the Israeli colonial apartheid system is crippled. Its economy is crippled. No ships are coming from China, their major partner in commerce. No ship that is affiliated to Europe, which has any contacts or connection with the colonial apartheid regime in Palestine, is allowed to go through the Red Sea.

The Yemeni people, the Yemeni resistance, did not use this weapon while they were enduring a war, a global war by the US and Yemeni neighbors. They didn’t use this strategic weapon then, but they used it in favor of Palestine, in support of Palestine, because they are defending humanity. They are defending the integrity of the people of the area.

That’s why we think that the Global South has such power, economic, military, and population-wise. I think the time will come soon where we can see the Global South rising and kicking the U.S. out of the region entirely and containing it into its borders. We need to have that mechanism, and this probably must be discussed in a different session. Thank you so much. Thank you.

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