About Us

A new world is being born, a multipolar world where Western domination will become a thing of the past as new political power hubs emerge around the globe. Political positions, economic relations and cultural interactions are undergoing an incredible metamorphosis which is begging to be discussed and documented.

Humanity is already trying to make sense and describe these developments– but this has proven to be no easy task. It is clear that the mindsets and strategies developed to describe the world we are leaving behind will not be sufficient.

To properly understand these radical shifts, thinkers and intellectuals from the emerging political hubs need to be engaged in serious and regular dialogue with one another, in order to share experiences and strategies.

It’s time for geopolitical neighbors who have been intellectually and politically separated for centuries to finally begin to talk to one another and strategize toward reaching their common goals. Working together implies:

-respect for different mindsets and cultures

 -fighting against social hegemony

-objecting to the current unipolar world order

-supporting the desire of states and nations to obtain sovereignty and independence

In order to realize this admittedly lofty goal, a place where intellectuals from around the world can come together under such principles has become a fervent need. At the same time, the sequence of events which harken the new world’s emergence require an alternative, independent and polyphonic news source to catalogue and interpret them.

In response to these needs, we have founded United World International project (UWIDATA).

At UWIDATA, distinguished intellectuals from all over the world are coming together to understand and describe the multipolar world as it unfolds with cutting edge analyses of the most critical geopolitical developments of the day.

On the basis of independence and truth, UWIDATA seeks to break away from the patterns of cliches and develop a method of analysis befitting the exciting transition taking place in the world at large.

At UWIDATA, we aim to foster a space where ideas freely and productively clash in order to bring about new and different ways of thinking together.

Please join us in our efforts to bring about equality, freedom and justice by making your own  contributions to UWIDATA!

The special investigations and the expert articles of the United World International were quoted by the influent media of the Middle East ( Al ArabiyaAl Yaum, AnadoluDemirören News AgencyTasnim News Agency,  Mehr News AgencyGazete Duvarساسة بوستصحيفة اليوم , عاج,   ).