Türkiye’s new government is a reflection of the “balance policy”

Türkiye’s new government is a reflection of the “balance policy”

United World International author Mehmet Perinçek commented on Türkiye’s new cabinet of ministers on the telegram channel “Turansky Express”. and We present his comments, published in Russian, to our readers translated into English.

Political scientist Mehmet Perinçek (Türkiye) exclusive for “Turansky Express”:

On the one hand, Türkiye is cooperating with Russia against the American plans in Syria in the Astana process, and on the other hand, the Erdoğan government in Idlib is pursuing a policy that is closer to the American plans.

Türkiye does not participate in unilateral sanctions against Russia on the Ukrainian issue, at the same time, the Erdoğan government calls Ukraine its partner.

Erdogan calls his foreign policy a “policy of balance.” On the one hand, they cooperate with the Eurasian countries, including Russia, and on the other hand, the Erdogan government continues its partnership with the West.

Erdoğan has such contradictions called “balance policy”, but it no longer works, as it prevents the creation of healthy international alliances that would oppose the Atlanticist hegemony of the United States.

Türkiye’s new government is a reflection of this “balance policy”.

On the one hand, Türkiye’s economy will be run by a man from the Atlanticist camp, responsible for the implementation of the liberal economic policy that has led Türkiye to the current economic crisis.

On the other hand, the new Minister of Defence is a true Turkish patriot. When he headed the General Staff, the Turkish army almost fought against pro-American forces in Syria. He did much to thwart American plans in the Eastern Mediterranean, Syria, and elsewhere in the world.

Therefore, we call the new cabinet of ministers the “balance cabinet”, but this does not satisfy the Turkish national interests. Türkiye must resolutely accept its place in the Eurasian camp!

This “balance policy” is no longer beneficial to Turkish national interests, because Turkey has very serious problems with the Atlantic camp.

The Atlantist forces support the Kurdish separatists in Syria, train and supply them. They call the PKK terrorist organization their ‘ground force and the main ally’ in the region. And this terrorist organization directly fights against the Turkish army.

On the other hand, they have created an anti-Turkish bloc in the Eastern Mediterranean. They will even conduct naval exercises against Turkey. And there is also the continuation of the encirclement of Turkey by the Atlanticists in the Aegean Sea, Thrace. They have already created many military bases on the territory of Greece, and the barrels of these tanks are directed not only against Russia, but also against Turkey.

To prevent the insidious anti-Turkish plans of the United States and Atlanticism, Türkiye must create its own international alliances. The “balance policy” prevents the creation of such alliances that could eliminate the threat from the US.

Mehmet Perinçek

Historian and political scientist (Türkiye)

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