NINTO convened on “The new world in the context of Russia’s operation in Ukraine”

NINTO convened on “The new world in the context of Russia’s operation in Ukraine”

The Initiative on a New International Order, short NINTO, has convened on May 7, 2022. The convention took place under the title “The construction of a new world in the context of the Ukrainian operation led by Russia”.

NINTO has been established in 2021 on proposal of the International Relations’ Bureau of Turkey’s Vatan Party. The initiative has convened last year to its first international symposium, where 40 officials and experts from 25 countries participated. Several of these also had governmental positions.

Upon the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the NINTO has decided to organize a short-term event to discuss the operation, its background and repercussions on the global order.

21 representatives from 19 countries of the 6 continents took part in the event and held presentations.

Among the speakers were representatives from Turkey, Russia, China, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, Algeria, Venezuela, Argentina, Canada and the United States among others. 

Preparation for the 2. NINTO Symposium

Vatan Party International Relations Bureau Deputy Chairman Adnan Akfırat held the opening speech of the event. Akfırat stated that the convention was taking place in a historic moment, where the unipolar world was crushing down to the sound of artillery, while humanity was heading forward towards an egalitarian, human-centered, multipolar world in peace with the nature.

Akfırat emphasized that the event also constituted a preparation for the Second NINTO Symposium, scheduled to happen in October.

In continuation, speakers evaluated on the role of force in the construction of a new world, the new worlds basic characteristics, the decline of unipolarity and the need to establish south – south cooperation, the perspectives of international economy and finance.

In the coming days, United World International will document some of the speeches held on the event.

Today we present the opening speech of Adnan Akfirat, Deputy Chairman of the Vatan Party’s International Relations Bureau.

Opening speech of Adnan Akfırat from the Vatan Party

Mr. Chairman Perinçek, distinguished representatives, comrades and friends from 5 continents and 20 countries, I greet you all with the commitment of leading the establishment of a new international order.

A historical event is taking place in our earth, where the noise of cannons, missiles, bombs and machine guns cannot be suppressed. The unipolar world, dominated by the banditry of the USA and NATO, has been overthrown. Together, as developing countries we are establishing an international order that is more egalitarian, fairer, human-centered and protects our earth and nature.

We all have this strong will for humanity. Desire is very valuable, but it is not enough, it is necessary to build an organization that fits hard work and aspiration.

The great poet of Turkish, Yunus Emre, warns us 700 years ago, “When you don’t light a fire under it, does it ever boil by itself?”

In order to achieve this goal, we must work together to ensure that we, who adopt the same approach and share the same aspiration, develop cooperation and join forces, create international platforms for this purpose, and make the existing platforms more effective for this purpose.

We have established The Initiative for a New International Order for this purpose. The NINTO has been started by the International Relations Bureau of Vatan (Patriotic) Party (Turkey).

The main aim of Vatan Party is to complete the Kemalist Revolution; to restructure the national state on the basis of independence and people’s rule; and to form a free, enlightened, modern and wealthy society. Vatan Party adheres to the foreign policy of peaceful cooperation on the basis of respect for equality, independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, non-interference and mutual interest, and follows great revolutionary Atatürk’s principle of “Peace in the Country, Peace in the World”. It attaches a special importance to cooperation with all the Eurasian countries. Starting already in the 1990’s, it has organized several international and national symposia to strengthen solidarity among the Eurasian countries and parties under the name Workers’ Party at that time.

The Initiative for a New International Order (NINTO) aims to provide an effective interaction ground for building up a new international order. We have held an international symposium last year on April 17the 2021 that some of you have participated. The current workshop is a preparation work fort he second NINTO Symposium, which will be organized on October 22nd this year.

As we also adhere to the principle of “development by sharing”, we will continue to share this platform with the participants of the NINTO Symposium in its aftermath as well and keep it open to everyone who wishes to contribute to a fair international order.

Today’s workshop is focusing on the recent developments. The Ukrainian operation led by Russia has profoundly affected all global political balances and accelerated the change from a unipolar to a multipolar world. It is rather clear that the Ukrainian conflict will have a long-lasting impact on reshaping the world both politically and economically, thereby creating new opportunities for the construction of a new and fair international order.

The awareness, as well as the implementation of such opportunities, requires close international cooperation. The workshop aims to analyze the current circumstances with a focus on how they will influence the future of the Oppressed and Developing World in the longer run.

Some questions that will be taken up at the workshop, not excluding others that you may wish to deal with, can be summarized as follows:

  • What is the rationale behind the expansion of NATO towards the East?
  • Which countries is NATO threatening?
  • Does the Ukrainian crisis reflect a conflict between Russia and Ukraine only?
  • Can the Ukrainian operation led by Russia be regarded as a sign that the initiative has changed hands from the Atlantic System led by the U.S. to the Developing World struggling against unipolar hegemony?
  • What kind of consequences are to be expected to result from the sanctions imposed by the U.S. and the E.U. in terms of international cooperation among the developing countries in the economic, financial, and political spheres?

The working language of the workshop is English. To partially avoid the restrictions imposed by the language requirement upon participation, we also make the option of the English translation of a presentation in a different language being read on behalf of the presenter during the workshop available.

We wish you a successful workshop.

We will learn from each other. 

Please let us keep in close contact.

With our best regards.

Adnan Akfırat

Adnan Akfirat is former representative to China and Member of International Relations Bureau of the  Patriotic Party of Türkiye; Chairman of Turkish-Chinese Business Development and Friendship Association (Turk-Cin Is Der); visitor researcher of Shanghai University Turkish Studies Center and Shihezi University Silk Road Research Center. Mr. Akfirat has been living in Shanghai since 2011.

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