Turkish experts: US plans in Ukraine and Kazakhstan target Turkey as well

Turkish experts: US plans in Ukraine and Kazakhstan target Turkey as well

The US-supported insurgency in Kazakhstan and the tensions along the Ukrainian-Russian line were discussed in Turkey’s Ulusal Kanal TV channel’s program “News Center”. Retired Lieutenant-General İsmail Hakkı Pekin, Gaziantep University academic Dr. Ali Fuat Gökçe, Vatan Party’s Deputy Chairman Serdar Üsküplü, visiting Professor at the Moscow State University Dr. Mehmet Perinçek and the journalist Deniz Berktay made important statements on the matters.

“Events similar to Kazakhstan will continue to occur”

Former Head of Intelligence at the Turkish Armed Forces’ Chief of Staff, Ismail Hakkı Pekin evaluated on the pro-American uprising in Kazakhstan. Pekin said that the danger was not over yet, forecasting that events similar to those in Kazakhstan will continue to occur.

Recording of Ulusal Kanal program on incidents in Kazakhstan and tensions over Ukraine

Pekin stated the following:

“Actually, the danger is not over yet, it still continues. Similar incidents will occur with great probability. At the end, regional countries do have some problems both concerning the economy as well as technically. These problems exist in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and in Afghanistan. Therefore, these incidents will continue.”

Ret. Lieut.-Gen. Ismail Hakkı Pekin, former Head of Intelligence at the Turkish Armed Forces General Staff

“Let us ask why these events have happened, why Kazakhstan was chosen? The answer lies in two important recent meetings. First took place between the U.S. and Russia. This meeting was held between the foreign ministries. Later on, another meeting was held between the NATO Security Council on the one side and Russia on the other. And these incidents in Kazakhstan occurred right before these meetings. The U.S. sent Russia the following message: ‘If you continue the way you do in Ukraine and the Black Sea as you, you will have to face new incidents, by which I will corner you.’ These incidents were a message to Russia, because Kazakhstan is very important for Russia. Kazakhstan is the main pillar for 4-5 countries in that region.”

“Russia answered by pushing forward the Collective Security Organization and sent the following message to the U.S.: ‘If you provoke such incidents, I will answer these jointly with the regional countries and suppress the incident.’ These events were a mutual test of force. Russia’s determination was understood, while the West has tested tried out how far it could go. In my opinion, with all its attributes, Kazakhstan is the key country in Central Asia. In this play of will, NATO took a further step back against Russia. Russia sent NATO the message: ‘If the Ukraine or another nation joins NATO, I will resist that and took all the necessary steps. You must not follow the goal to include these countries in the NATO.’ Moscow explained and displayed this position loud and clearly. Both Peskov and Lavrov expressed this position.”

“I have my doubts on whether the U.S. would support Europe in a war or armed conflict, because Russia’s conventional power is very strong in the geography and it is taking all necessary steps. We should not be surprised if we in the coming times observe Russian submarines with sea-to-land missiles operating in Venezuela or Cuba.”

“It is obvious that there was an imperial force behind the incidents in Kazakhstan”

Gaziantep University academic Dr. Ali Fuat Gökçe also elaborated on the incidents in Kazakhstan. Referring to claims that Russia had fueled the incidents, Gökçe said “There was clearly and obviously an imperial force behind the incidents in Kazakhstan, but it was quite wrong to connect the protests to Russia.”

Ali Fuat Gökçe stated the following:

“At a first glance, we see that the incidents erupted as a protest against price raises – quite a normal event in democracies. But the fact that the protests turned into violent action within just one day shows they were prepared beforehand. Kazakhstan witnessed very widespread violent protests. There was clearly and obviously an imperial force behind the incidents in Kazakhstan, but it was quite wrong to connect the protests to Russia. Be it Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania or Latvia – Russia needs no violent protests to show presence in the countries in its region, because there are already Russians in these countries. And we also don’t find acts of violence in Russia’s political history.”

Gaziantep University academic Dr. Ali Fuat Gökçe

“We already know that neither protesters, who first used the price increases as a pretext to immediately after present the talk of democracy, nor the democracy discourse itself is led by Russia. Where ever there is talk of democracy, where ever violent actions are taken under the disguise of a democracy discourse, there there is the United States behind the incident. The protests started, the talk of democracy started, the heading became clear and the force behind it became obvious. It is very wrong to tie these events to Russia.”

“It is very normal that Kazakhstan asked the CSTO for support. The country is not a member of NATO to ask them for help. Or should it ask one single country for support? It did not only ask for Russian support, this is a very important fact. If it had done so, the opposing side would have started talking of a “Russian occupation”. But Kazakhstan did not ask for the support of one single country, not from Russia, not from Britain, not from the U.S. or from Turkey. They asked for the support of an organization whose member they are since 1992.”

“There is nothing more natural than to ask for support of the CTSO. The support of this organization helped effectively in suppressing the violent actions. And Russia did not come alone. The military presence of Russia and the other countries in Kazakhstan is temporary. We see that is it’s temporary and not an occupational force by the fact that in the last two days, the troops have started to withdraw. We can state that these rumors are spread on purpose. What we have observed there is the following: The violent actions start from day one. There is an innocent demand, but it is immediately followed by violence, and then comes the democracy talk. They use the price increase as pretext, the government takes the increase back, but violence rises, demanding democracy. This is a US tactic. The spirit of it was clear, and to call Russia responsible for the acts was an attempt to create confusion.”

“The coup attempt in Kazakhstan targeted Turkey”

The Deputy Chairman of Vatan Party (Turkey), Serdar Üsküplü also commented on the incidents in Kazakhstan. Reminding that his party made an important declaration on the matter, Üsküplü stated “This was a pro-American coup attempt. Its target was not only Kazakhstan but also all Asian and Eurasian forces. The coup attempt in Kazakhstan targeted also Turkey.”

Serdar Üsküplü made the following statement:

“This was a pro-American coup attempt. It has not only targeted Kazakhstan but also all Asian and Eurasian forces. They were altogether defined as the enemy in this coup. Therefore, the coup also targeted Turkey. Kazakhstan is an important country; it serves as a bridge. It is member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), of the Organization of Turkic States (OTC) and of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. And Nazarbayev was a strong defender of the Eurasian unification. A united Eurasia and Kazakhstan as the defender of the concept of Eurasian unification.”

Vatan Party’s Deputy Chairman Serdar Üsküplü

“Kazakhstan was not targeted as a coincidence. We observe there a clear scheme of colored revolution: the distribution of weapons, the begin with economic demands, the following of the talk of democracy, the strong support in Western press for the uprising, violent actions in the streets, the use of external terror elements…We have seen this scheme before in Ukraine, and much longer before that, in Yugoslavia. The US deep state’s coup scheme has been applied here step by step. The target was Eurasia. The coup actually targeted not only a government but a whole front.”

“We have seen the reflection of this front in Turkey as well. We saw that elements of this joint front have taken the same positions as they did during the July 15 coup in Turkey back in 2016. The pro-Americans in Turkey, those whose minded are occupied by the U.S., have come forward immediately in the press or in their political parties and claimed that a Russian occupation was coming, that the protests in Kazakhstan were democratic and that the country was governed by an authoritarian state. Unfortunately, some forces that appear to side with the Justice and Development Party also committed the same mistake, when trying to protect the U.S. and not offend the system. We criticize these mistakes clearly.”

“It is first of all necessary to detect the enemy, or in this case, the culprit clearly. The crime is obvious: If I am not wrong, 16 police officers have been murdered, head were cut off, thousands of people injured, and the country had a damage of 3 billion dollars. The losses would have been higher if the coup had been successful. The crime is obvious, but the suspect is hiding. It is obvious who the culprit is: It is the United States. Behind the incidents we see the Soros Foundation and the foundation National Endowment for Democracy, both US tools. It is reported that both foundations have contributed 2.5 million US Dollars. Behind them are the funds of the US deep state. It is very obvious that the US intelligence is behind these incidents.”

“Russia, China and Turkey are on the side of Kazakhstan. On the other side, the Jihadist organizations in Asia also sided with those pursuing the coup. The Biden Front in Turkey, that is the followers and supporters of the US President in our country have also sided with those forces who attempted the coup. The CHP (Republican People’s Party), the HDP (Party of the Peoples’ Democracy), the Good Party, the Party of Felicity, the DEVA Party and the Future Party all supported the coup attempt openly and sided with the pro-American forces in Kazakhstan.”

“It is very important to detect the source of threat ahead against Turkey and our neighbors correctly, to understand it correctly and to pronounce it correctly. We are also warning the government and the President: Siding here with the Americans is siding against Turkey.”

“The US plans for Central Asia have received a huge blow”

Dr. Mehmet Perinçek, United World International expert and visiting professor at the Moscow State University also commented on the events, emphasizing that the U.S. is losing power in the region. Perinçek said, “We observe that while American power in the region is in decline, regional initiatives are gaining the upper hand fast.”

Perinçek stated the following:

“One has to examine carefully the moment that his coup attempt, this Colored Revolution Movement has erupted. The United States has suffered a huge defeat in Afghanistan, it was forced to pack things and run away from there. Actually, all American policies and projects for Central Asia received a huge blow. In parallel, we observe that regional initiatives of problem-solving are gaining ground fast. From the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to the Organization of Turkic States, from the Collective Security Treaty Organization to the Eurasian Economic Union, from the 3+3 Platform in the South Caucasus to the Astana Process in the Middle East; regional initiatives that will prevent US and Western intervention into our geography are gaining strength fast.”

Mehmet Perinçek, visiting professor at Moscow State University

“All these initiatives have delivered huge blows to US plans. But the U.S. has not given up on these plans. In case Washington wants to force the doors of Central Asia, it will have to surround Turkey, Russia and China and force these countries to their knees. When running away from Afghanistan, the U.S. has not found a military base to transfer its troops to, and now, it has started a maneuver from Eastern Europe over the Ukraine and the Black Sea. One of the main goals of this move is actually the return to Central Asia, a government change in Kazakhstan with establishing a US-controlled authority there and thus striking roots in Central Asia.”

“If you pull Kazakhstan out of these organizations of regional cooperation, then you will paralyze all these institutions. There is a desire to open up a new front against Russia during these days of raised tension around the Ukraine. Additionally, such a step would also disrupt the Chinese Belt and Road, target China and surround it. With all this, you also target the Turkic world as a whole, because there is danger of these incidents spreading out to all Turkic countries.”

“On the societal level, there are the Soros and US-funded civil society organizations, there are attempts to paralyze the state functions and moves that constitute provocations in the economic sphere. Besides all that, there is the Fethullah Gulen Terror Organization (FETO). Unfortunately, the FETO has not been eliminated completely in Kazakhstan, moreover, following the July 15 coup in Turkey, the country has turned into a refuge for FETO elements. And then there is ISIS, which the U.S. always uses. Former President Trump himself had stated that Obama and Clinton had founded ISIS. And now we observe that ISIS constitutes itself in Kazakhstan. Hence, for one door enters Soros, for the other the US-supported terror groups, and they all try to break Russian influence und pull Kazakhstan, that serves as a connection, out of the chain of these international organizations.”

Perinçek also pointed to the danger presented by biology labs crated in Kazakhstan jointly with the United States and emphasized the great amount of funds Washington dedicates to these. He added:

“These incidents provide important lessons for Turkey and all other countries: First of all, public economy is important, not only to ensure the country’s welfare but also to safeguard its national security. Secondly, reach out your hand your hand to America, and they will bite away your arm! In all the relations you enter with the U.S. under the label of ‘cooperation’, you will observe how your state institutions are undermined, while you deliver Washington and the CIA tools to manipulate your people.”

“I expect the clashes to continue for a long time”   

Retired Lieutenant-General Pekin also spoke about the tensions between Ukraine and Russia. Pointing out that Russia’s threat perception and NATO enlargement cause contradiction, Pekin stated, “If the necessary peace is not achieved, I expect with great probability the eruption of hybrid wars both in the Balkans and Central Asia.”

Pekin continued as follows:

“On January 10 the meeting between US and Russian representatives took place, followed by the NATO plus Russia meeting on January 12. As far as we understand, Russia says ‘the inclusion of Ukraine into the NATO is our read line’, while NATO insists that Russia has no word to say on that matter.”

“On the one side, there is the Russian threat perception. On the other is the NATO enlargement. In these meetings, we observe that the West including the US and Russia are facing off, with the Western side expecting concessions from Moscow. But Russia has expressed very clearly that it will not make any such concessions.”

“I expect these meetings to continue. The current atmosphere is very interesting. We have on the one side the US and Western build-up against Russia, including mounting up nuclear and conventional weapons into the region. Russia answers by saying ‘if you target my continent, I will also make some deployments that target yours’. Which deployments are these? One is concerning Cuba, the other is concerning Venezuela. Moscow says ‘I will deploy nuclear submarines there and thus neutralize your nuclear threat’. This message is delivered loud and clearly to the other side.”

“In my evaluation, this conflict will endure for a long time. If the necessary peace is not achieved, I expect with great probability the eruption of hybrid wars both in the Balkans and Central Asia.”

Pekin finished his words stating that an inclusion of Georgia and Ukraine into the NATO would also threaten Turkey.

Gaziantep University academician Dr. Ali Fuat Gökçe also elaborated on the crisis around Ukraine and Russia, reminding that Russia was threatened in the past years repeatedly over this geography.

Dr. Gökçe made the following statement:

“Russia does not want the NATO to enlarge into this region. There is a NATO that has been enlarging importantly since the 1990s till 2019 and that has drawn very close to Russia. Beginning with the U.S. there is widespread reporting in Western press about a possible occupation of Ukraine by Russia. I do not believe in these reports, because Russia is in a stable situation now after the integration of Crimea. It has got what it wanted. There is no sense in Russia occupying the Ukraine. Russia’s red line here is the NATO enlargement into this region. Besides of that, we do not observe any aggressive positioning or occupation intent by Russia.”

“On the other side, there is the NATO pursuing an expansionist policy against Russia. NATO has not fulfilled its promises of non-enlargement given to Russia in the 1990s. Russia has declared its final red line. From now on, any further enlargement or advance of NSTO will be a reason for war, and they state this openly. If NATO does not advance and if it does not enlarge, I don’t think there will be a war. But if it does so and clashes erupt, then Turkey and the Black Sea will be affected deeply by that. The Montreux Convention becomes very important in that context. Turkey therefore needs to take more action within regional initiatives. As a regional power, Turkey has commercial relations with both Ukraine and Russia, and it has political and diplomatic potentials. I think that using these, Turkey can play a mediating role in this geography.

“Turkey needs to leave NATO immediately”

Vatan Party’s Deputy Chairman Serdar Üsküplü explained in the program his party’s policies concerning the tensions around Ukraine and Russia. Stating that the currently applied “policy of balance” harms Turkey, Üsküplü said “Turkey needs to leave NATO immediately. And as long as we stay in the NATO, we must clearly state that we will use our veto power against a membership of Ukraine in the alliance”.

Serdar Üsküplü stated the following:

“We have in front of us one single front of conflict. We see over the trench on the other side the United States and Israel. In this conflict, there are the U.S. and Israel on one side and on the other Turkey, Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Syria, that is countries that represent the great humanity. We have one sole enemy and therefore need to apply a comprehensive strategy.”

“Preparing a strategy of defense, we first need to determine who is the enemy. It is claimed that the NATO is defending Turkey. Then we have to ask: Against which enemy? Today, Greece has literally turned into a US arsenal. Turkey and Russia are being surrounded via Greece. US military bases in Greece are threatening Turkey. Will NATO defend Turkey against these US military bases? The United States is the force behind the PKK. NATO is an organization founded to establish, protect and broaden the US hegemony.”

“We have experienced two coup d’états in Turkey, on March 12, 1971 and September 12, 1980. They were coups organized by NATO and its subversive organization, the Gladio. Then we have witnessed the coup attempt of July 15, 2016, another Gladio move – this time suppressed successfully. Turkey is the fist country to successfully foil a NATO coup attempt. By suppressing the Gladio on July 15, Turkey has also eliminated NATO’s capacity to govern and direct our country.”

“The United States evaluates Turkey as a source of threat. NATO also perceives Turkey as a threat. NATO is not an organization that defends and protects Turkey; it is an organization that threatens Turkey. We first have to detect this threat against our country.”

“By including Ukraine, NATO wants to turn that country into a stronger threat against Russia. Turkey needs to take a clear and decided position on that matter. Turkey needs to position itself, come out and state officially and clearly that it will veto any attempt to provide NATO membership to Ukraine, rejecting such a move under any circumstances. This policy of balance is causing very great harm to Turkey. It is both damaging the internal unity of the country and its reputation on the international arena. We observe in both, China and Russia a position emerging towards Turkey that says ‘Turkey is a NATO member. How are we going to ally ourselves with them?’ Therefore, Turkey needs to leave NATO immediately. Until we have left the NATO, we need to veto decidedly any attempt to include Ukraine into the alliance.”

“Crimea is territory of the Russian Federation. Turkey is the obliged to respect the Russian Federation’s territorial integrity. We have to recognize that Crimea is Russian territory. Abkhazia is an independent republic. Abkhazia is the state of the Abkhaz nation. The independence of Abkhazia needs to be recognized. In the recent days, a delegation from Abkhazia came to visit and to recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). But unfortunately, our government did not permit this delegations travel to the TRNC. Such acts of policy of balance are causing great harm to Turkey. The Vatan Party has announced a Black Sea-Mediterranean Peace Plan. This plans proposes as a priority the recognition that Crimea is Russian territory, recognition of the independence of Abkhazia, a plan to achieve international recognition of the TRNC and starts the struggle to close down all US military bases in our region. The Incirlik Air Base in Turkey must taken into the Turkish Armed Forces’ command immediately.”

“US influence in Ukraine threatens Turkey too”

Moscow State University visiting professor Mehmet Perinçek stated concerning the Ukraine-Russia tensions that the US influence over Ukraine threatens not only Russia but also Turkey. Perinçek said that Turkey could play a mediating role between Ukraine and Russia.

Perinçek stated the following:

“Kazakhstan witnesses a similar provocation as happened – and succeeded in a way – before in Ukraine. The US influence in Ukraine threatens not only Russia but Turkey as well. The U.S. surrounds Turkey over the Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean, and it makes moves that include the Ukraine, which further encircle our country. Among these moves is the attempt to sabotage the Turkish-Russian relations. Some already speak of different provocations for the months of January and February, where chemical weapons will be used, the Russians blamed and afterwards a military operation starts heading towards the Donbass. We can clearly predict that such a war would affect seriously on Turkish-Russian relations, especially if the Turkish position is taken into account.”

“The true salvation for Ukraine consists of the country being rescued from the hands of the U.S. and included into a regional initiative. Turkey can play an important role in such an endeavor. President Erdoğan had the proposal to mediate. In order to apply this proposal, Turkey needs to cut its military support to Ukraine that will enable our country to play a mediating role. And that mediating role has to serve the purpose of rescuing Ukraine from the hands of the U.S., so that steps are taken which will bring peace and stability to our region.”

In his elaborations, Perinçek called to attention that Neo Nazi thought had almost become official ideology in Ukraine these days. Emphasizing that Kiev’s policies cause the greatest harm to Ukrainian people, he stated that the biggest favor for them is being rescued from US influence.

Western and US-supported colored revolutions

The journalist and United World International expert Deniz Berktay spoke about the colored revolutions which the U.S. and the West support:

“During Ukraine’s history of independence, 2 pro-western uprisings took place. The first was the Orange Revolution in 2004, the other was the uprising of 2014. Both were pro-Western uprisings, but the Orange Revolution from 2004 fits more into the category of the colored revolution.”

Turkish journalist Deniz Berktay

“There is an uprising scheme at work here: Youth and civil society organizations are very active, while trying to stay away from acts of violence and trying to create the aura of a popular uprising. These colored revolutions generally take place during times of elections and head towards a change of government. These are some common attributes of them.”

“If Ukraine and Georgia are given NATO membership, than Turkey will be left alone in the Black Sea”

The former Chief of Intelligence at the Turkish Armed Forces’ General Staff, retired Lieut-General Pekin also elaborated on colored revolutions. He stated that the U.S. had made a target of Russia, but that that Moscow would not allow colored revolutions to take place.

Pekin stated the following:

“An important aspect of these colored revolutions is that they target the general constitution of Russia and try to keep the country busy in order to limit its influence in the region. Firstly, they try to keep as busy as possible with the incidents in its neighborhood. The second goal is to provide Ukraine heavy arms and enable it to resist Russia to a certain degree. Thirdly, they tried to force Russia into a complicated position in the Caucasus, but they failed in that. By agreeing with Russia, Turkey has done in Karabakh what was necessary. Fourth, they tried to complicate life for Russia in Central Asia, and they will try that again. This is their plan.”

“When we look at all that, I predict that the U.S. has made a target of Russia and that the incidents around that country will continue. And of course, Russia stated clearly it would not permit any colored revolutions.”

“While this struggle goes on, Turkey has to make its calculations very well, it needs to focus on itself. Every possible incident in the region harms Turkey. I do not understand the insistence of Turkey for the inclusion of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO. If these two countries become members of NATO, then Turkey will be left alone in the Black Sea. Can you imagine the problems and difficulties that Turkey will face if it’s left alone in the Black Sea? Can you image in what a bad situation our country would find itself? Both Georgia and Ukraine would become supporters of the U.S. in the region. How can Turkey support such a thing?

Gaziantep University academic Dr. Ali Fuat Gökçe stated concerning the colored revolutions the following:

“The Western type of democracy, which the West and the U.S. tries to impose on eastern countries, has different values. All countries have governments in the context of the political culture they have. They are trying to impose the individualism dominant in their culture upon different political cultures. We observe this in Kazakhstan and elsewhere. In the Russian geography, they call it ‘colored revolution’, in the Arab geography, they call it ‘Arab Spring’. They name it differently according to geography. The main point is that, above all the United States wants to get rid of unwanted governments. Nation-states need to be aware of that, take a joint position against it and develop policies accordingly.

“The U.S. will make use all available elements when the elections approach”

Vatan Party Deputy Chairman Serdar Üsküplü reminded the anti-Turkish report published by the US and stated that US-tied elements continue their existence within the oppositional ‘Nation Alliance’.

Predicting that the U.S. will use all available elements in its hand when the elections draw closer, Üsküplü said “If the Turkish government determines a serious strategy and acts decisively, it can prevent the US-planned chaos.”

Üsküplü stated the following:

“The RAND Corporation published in 2020 in the U.S. a strategic document. This documents presents the strategy that the U.S. will follow concerning Turkey in the period ahead. The report starts as follows: ‘Turkey’s and the United States’ interests do not converge anymore. It is necessary to topple down the current Turkish government and install a pro-American government.’ The RAND report also counted name by name who should constitute the new government. The CHP (Republican People’s Party), the Good Party, the HDP (Peoples’ Democracy Party), Ali Babacan and Ahmet Davutoğlu were named here. We observe the continuation of this strategy. US President Biden also had stated that President Erdoğan needed to be toppled down.”

“But the U.S. has not force in Turkey to organize a coup anymore. The American Gladio has been eliminated. Still, US-tied organizations continue their existence. These forces of colored revolution are continuing their activities in Turkey intensively. They are under US control and within the Biden coalition. They are within the oppositional ‘Nation Alliance’.”

“Today and within the given balance of power, the United States cannot achieve and provide an electoral victory for the ‘Nation Alliance’. And the ‘Nation Alliance’ itself does not pursue an election strategy based on winning by gaining more votes than their opponent. Their strategy consists in constantly currying favor with the U.S. They are following a strategy that day-by-day distances them from the Turkish nation, from Turkey. There is a coup in Kazakhstan, and they support the coup forces. Turkey fights against the PKK, and they are in alliance with the PKK, over the HDP. Turkey fights against the FETO, and the Nation Alliance –  CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu stated this various times – wants the reemployment of 104 thousand civil servants laid off due to their connection with FETO. Hence, he is saying they will put PKK and FETO members again in state service. This alliance will never get enough votes in elections from the Turkish nation to become government. Therefore, the U.S. will make use of all elements it controls towards the elections. If the Turkish government determines a serious strategy and acts decisively, it can prevent the US-planned chaos.”

“The U.S. follows the strategy to crush down the nation-state by getting organized within the people”

Moscow University visiting professor Mehmet Perinçek also elaborated on colored revolutions, saying that in the current period, the U.S. tries to crush down nation-states by getting organized within the people itself.

Perinçek stated the following:

“The U.S. needs to bring the Central Asian states to their knees in order to control the energy resources there. Which countries are we talking about? First of all, Russia, China, Turkey and Iran. To do that, they need to surround these countries from outside and undermine them from inside.”

“The U.S. has different methods to do that. One is the open and direct use of force, as they did in Iraq, Vietnam, or the organization of coups. But the US military force is in decline and it faces the emergence of a multipolar world. Hence, the U.S. keeps the method of toppling down governments by using force or organizing coups in mind, but simultaneously, it gets organized within the people itself, trying to crush down the nation-state from within. All this is done to divide the nations, to lull nations and to create ethnic and religious conflict within them. The main idea of colored revolutions is to establish total domination of the U.S. over the region. And we have witnessed that sometimes, they also manipulate legitimate demands of the people for their own purposes.”

Calling the people to be always organized and in pursuit of their rights, Perinçek stated that the criteria to distinguish true popular movements from colored revolutions is to ask whether the concerning movement is anti-imperialist and oriented towards public economy.

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