The Emerging World Order from a Syrian Point of View

The Emerging World Order from a Syrian Point of View

Turkey’s Vatan Party has started an Initiative on the New International Order (NINTO) and organized an international symposium. 38 distinguished speakers representing 24 countries from 6 continents parcipated in the symposium, among them various experts of United World International.

Participants debated a wide range of issues from the end of the unipolar world to the crisis of neoliberalism, from identity politics to alternative concepts of security alliances and political economy.

UWI will present in the coming days the speeches held in the symposium in the hope of encouraging the debate on the emerging new world order.

Today we document the presentation of Dr. Bessam Abu Abdallah from Syria.

The intervention of Dr. Bassam Abu Abdallah from Syria at the Conference of the New World Order Conference held by the Turkish Vatan Party and opened by Mr. Doğu Perinçek on Saturday 17/4/2021.

  1. The seminar is held today in conjunction with the anniversary of April 17, a significant date for the Syrians: the National Independence day, April 17, 1946, the day the French forces left Syria after more than 25 years of occupation.
  2. April 17th is not a passing memory for Syrians today, but a confirmation of national independence and the continuity of resistance against hegemony, the rejection of dependency, in which attempts have not changed since then, as the centers of  hegemony moved from France and Britain at the end of World War II to the United States of America.
  3. For more than 75 years, my country has respected the principles of international law and worked to maintain its independence and territorial integrity and to support liberation movements and not to attack or interfere in Affairs of others.
  4. After 75 years of independence and fixed foreign policy, which was the product of the struggle of the Syrian Arab people, Syria has been facing a fascist war for more than ten years since 2011. This war and the foreign aggression is one of the latest types of wars waged by global imperialism represented by the United States against a sovereign country such as Syria, and the question is: Why this war and for what?
  5. The United States has been planning the new American century since the 1990s, and its thinkers produced what they called the Great Middle East Project and then modified it to the new Middle East Project . This project was based on an alliance between the global organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Petrodollar Gulf regimes and the extremist forces of al-Qaeda and ISIS militants with the aim of bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Arab countries through the so-called Arab Spring.

The project leadership was in Turkey through AKP and 4 goals were required.

* Israel’s security.

* The dependence of the economy of these countries on the global capitalist system.

* Excluding Russia, China and Iran.

* Imposing a religious sectarian war in the region.

6- The planners  of the project in Tunisia succeeded through the so-called “revolution” and then Egypt with the coming of the Brotherhood and Libya through direct Atlantic aggression against it and then finally moved to Syria, the project’s main target. Syria was targeted because of:

–  Its relations with Russia, China and Iran.

– Its support for the resistance movements in Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine against the American hegemonic projects.

– The existence of an independent political system that is not dominated by Washington.

7. The resistance of the Syrian people, the Syrian army, President Bashar al-Assad was strong and thwarted the objectives of the project, which, if successful, would have divided the region into ethnic and sectarian cantons with the aim of economic domination over it, plundering its wealth and producing subordinate political systems (tools by Washington).

The Syrian people have received the support of their Allies starting from 2015 directly, but they have paid a heavy price in the face of the forces of global terrorism, extremism, murder, and crime. Between 2011 and 2015, before the Russian direct intervention took place in October 2015, Russia and China announced through a double veto 2011 their rejection of the unipolar system and the beginning of a common struggle to build a new world order.

The fascist war against Syria has been one of the fiercest since the end of World War II, and some sources are talking about spending $1.2 trillion. Syria has lost more than 500 billion dollars in its development and economy over these 10 years. Thousands of Western documents have revealed the extent of misinformation and lies in the Western media about the war on Syria as it portrayed it as a civil war and it is not. Because throughout its history, as a Chinese report on human rights says, America has been a direct cause of 82 percent of the world’s conflicts. We must remember its wars in Latin America, Africa, Vietnam, Palestine, the Arab region, the Balkans, Yugoslavia and many others.

The fascist war on Syria has made an important turning point in building the new world order through:

The emergence of the Russian role in the Middle East.

– The emergence of the Chinese role escalating through the One Belt – One Road Project.

– The emergence of an advanced Iranian role.

– Defeating the tools of the United States of America in the region.

– The emergence of new international cooperation and a new model.

11- It is very important to remind all participants in this seminar that the tools used in Syria are very terrible and I will mention some of it:

  • The wide misinformation in the most important Western media and the loss of credibility of these means.
  • The use of fascist tools, killing, systematic destruction of the foundations of life and culture, and the destruction of the infrastructure of the Syrian people (electricity, water, education, universities, mosques, churches….. etc. )-  .
  • The use of extremist religious organizations (Al-Nusra in Idlib, European extremists, extremists and murderers of 82 nationalities, according to the Pentagon).
  • The use of chemical weapons and the accusation of Syria.
  • The use of drugs as one of the tools of war.
  • Trying to dismantle and divide Syrian society on ethnic and sectarian grounds, and this has been thwarted.
  • Finally, direct military intervention (American occupation, wealth control, water  and cotton theft , burning of agricultural crops, etc……)
  •  (Turkish occupation – attempts of demographic change rejected by Syria and internationally)
  • The most dangerous: a measure of sanctions and an American economic blockade (Caesar’s Act), which is a form of economic terrorism against peoples (including Syria), and I call on everyone to demand the lifting of the siege on Syria and its people.

12- The establishment of a new international order is in the interest of all independent states that have resisted the projects of American hegemony, globalization and neoliberalism that want to destroy the values of societies, families, states and culture, which must be confronted with our joint efforts.

13- Here I must refer to the attitude of the Vatan Party and its president, Mr. Doğu Perinçek, supporting Syria, its leadership and its army, a stance that has not changed since the beginning of the war on Syria and continues on the basis of the realization that the war on Syria is aimed at dividing it, which will lead to the division of Turkey on the principle of dominoes.

14- The price paid by the Syrian people is a high price, but it is the price of confronting and overthrowing the old world order and building a new world order that is no longer a dream, but a reality that needs greater solidarity and greater cooperation with the emerging forces in the world (Russia- China….) and other forces that respect the independence of states and the privacy of cultural peoples and the form of their political systems.

• The theorists of the West, especially in America, have begun to recognize that the two-century era of Western hegemony is over and that a new world order is being born, but it must be on new foundations. Richard Haas at FOREGIN AFFAIRS recently acknowledged this and called for a 21st-century world order based on six powers: the United States, China, the European Union, Russia, Japan and India, and a new role for the regional system in each region.

• The system of direct occupation, theft of wealth and killing of peoples is over. Syria is a model of resistance against this project. • I call on everyone to show solidarity in lifting the siege on Syria and its people, finding a political solution and ending all the occupations in it (American, Turkish military presence in the north, ending the concept of separatism) Syrians have the ability to build their future, stop the siege and terrorism against Syria and the Syrians.

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