Gretacalypse now: Environmentalists destroy families and sell children into slavery

Gretacalypse now: Environmentalists destroy families and sell children into slavery

How a teenage girl from Sweden became a pawn of George Soros and the left (part 2)

As I discussed in the first part of this article, all the chatter around Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg is the result of a well-organized PR campaign with financial rather than environmental concerns.

What is the political background of this complex situation and what is the true ideological message of this pseudo-environmental campaign?

Pressure on politicians

Environmentalists, activists and supporters of Greta Thunberg are not just calling on politicians to care for nature – they are calling for a strike every Friday, truancy and getting kids to push the Paris climate accord.

The US broke from the agreement under President Donald Trump, who is an avid critic and skeptic when it comes to environmental issues. Trump, who has been heavily criticized by environmentalists, even decided to personally troll the young activist on Twitter:

While a normal person would be able to appreciate the subtle jab, the President’s wit didn’t make him any friends among his opponents who accused him of maliciously attacking a young girl with Asperger’s.

However, it is seldom mentioned that behind this young girl is a number of influential businessmen and politicians: green lobbyists, eco-scientists and an analytical center founded by a wealthy ex-minister (more on this in the first part). Greta is their new project, and she has proven to be a lucrative commodity. 

After all, who could justify criticizing a sick little girl?

Greta’s speech: totalitarianism and guilt

Globalist elites are using this young girl to appeal to people’s emotional side – shouting that climate change is destroying our world. Although global warming is still an unproven theory, against a background of heavily emotional arguments, hardly anyone is able to come to a rational understanding of environmental realities.

New policy

This is not at all about ecology, although the environmentalist agenda is being actively promoted in Europe (primarily in Germany and the Scandinavian countries). 

The issue serves to distract people from real problems such as the mass influx of migrants. How petty it is to think of the problems resulting from migration when the whole world is on the verge of destruction!

The second reason is to increase the popularity of “Green” parties in order to reduce the popularity of rightists, nationalists and Eurosceptics, as well as all other anti-systemic forces and critics of the European Union. While environmentalists criticize the establishment in their rhetoric, they are actually integrated into the neo-liberal power structure and linked to the elites. In Germany, for example, environmentalists are waiting for the “fall” of Merkel’s CDU to take their place and become the core of the new ruling coalition. They are actively working on their image, presenting themselves as the only possible saviors of humanity against the coming ecological apocalypse. In Austria, the green globalists have already managed to drag their president, Van der Bellen, to deter rightists and patriots.

Outdated elites

Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron’s behavior in this situation is rather curious. These globalists have every reason to fully support Greta, but they ended up criticizing her like humble parents… why? Because they are already outdated – they represent the old guard of globalists defending the interests of former elites: the new generation, with Greta’s support, has already secured new business interests. 

In fact, Merkel and Macron (both childless, which is interesting) have nothing to say to the girl. It even seems to be the case that they were forced to react to her and somehow justify themselves.

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Thus, the old liberals are becoming outdated… even the “green” Austrian president is rather old, and the new guard promises to be almost as young as Greta.

However, we are not talking about a real change of elite, of course. Those who own the world’s finances and major global assets are simply rearranging chairs in order to stay in power. After the issues that have plagued Macron’s government, it seems Greta might be a more modern and effective tool.

The children’s rebellion

Why are people overreacting to Greta’s overreaction at the UN? She is the expression of the new times, the ideal person of the future. She is not beautiful, mentally ill and an eternal child, but the main thing is that she serves as a pure expression of emotions. Shouting at “adults” is seen as so brave.

Greta Thunberg is a model of behavior for the new generation, a generation that has not yet worked a job, but has already learned to skip school and emotionally berate others. The mainstream media has covered the story extensively, essentially granting them the right to blame the older generation for all mortal sins. 

In her speech at the UN, Greta talked about more than saving the Earth from ecological disaster: she spoke specifically against adults. She accused adults not only of polluting the planet, but also of ruining her childhood. This is a girl was born into a wealthy family of leftists who have always supported her.

The failures of these teenagers are somehow also the fault of adults, according to the logic of Greta-ecologists. Allegations against the older generation do not require any proof other than the words “How dare you?” and angry tears.

Even professional environmentalists, who have dispelled the myths about humans being the main cause of CO2 emissions, understand that one cannot make rational arguments under these conditions. The young girl’s accusation cannot be answered adequately – either by repentance or laughter.

It is no longer possible to raise children and pass on experience, because the experience of adults has been declared evil and irresponsible. Adults are criminals, they should not be listened to and respected – they should be fought, humiliated and lynched. In fact, this is another attack on the most important institution of all: the family.


Political correctness

Ecology is predominantly a cover for economic interests– but more importantly, green issues are pushed alongside a powerful anti-tradition and anti-family message. These actions are designed to promote the idea that teenagers are an influential “oppressed group” with enormous power. We are now being convinced that teenagers and children have been oppressed for centuries… doesn’t the logic resemble Feminism’s drive toward the “emancipation of women” from “evil patriarchal men”? 

Since feminism has established itself as mainstream, political correctness has now chosen children as its next political subject. The globalists are pushing the notion that children have not been given the right to make independent decisions, they are oppressed by those who consider them to have not been alive long enough. Who says that adults understand “good” and “evil”  and children do not?

Brave new world

At the same time, the trend toward early sexual education from children, the encouragement of gender self-identification, the strengthening of juvenile services and pressure on parents continues. In fact, parents are even being deprived of the right to bring up and punish their own children… without this, the child is easier to turn into an individual-consumer who just happens to live in the same apartment; perhaps even possessing more power than the parents themselves.

Curiously, many young people are taking things further than pledging to be childfree – even this notion is already outdated. Their childlessness needs to be argued in terms of ecology and care for humanity. Many people are saying that one cannot give birth without increasing CO2 emissions and the number of consumers of food, air, water, etc.

This ideology is also embedded in the educational system. For example, the bio-ethicist Travis Rieder from Johns Hopkins University has argued that if you have a child, you are responsible for adding an additional 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. He added that he had been talking about this issue with his students to raise responsible and active people who are worried about their common future. His book “Toward a Small Family Ethic: How Overpopulation and Climate Change Are Affecting the Morality of Procreation” was published 3 years ago, but is extremely relevant to the present moment.


One day Greta and her comrades will build brilliant political careers for themselves. And then, everything they are laughing at now will become their reality. 

There is no point in feeling sorry for the poor girl– while she is a pawn in the game of globalists and PR, today’s children’s rebellion may become the totalitarian policies of tomorrow. Speculation on behalf of children is necessary to make Western society justify itself and repent.

We should keep in mind the Children’s Crusade of 1212, which in many instances turned out to be the result of cunning and greedy merchants who wanted to sell children directly to Muslim slave owners. They were promised a trip to the Holy Land, and instead taken by ship directly into slavery in Algeria. 

Is this not what today’s modern left-liberals are doing under Soros’ command? Could today’s ‘children’s rebellion’ turn into a lifetime of slavery under the control of these liberal capitalists?

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