Is the crash of Raisi’s helicopter a sabotage by Azerbaijan?

Is the crash of Raisi’s helicopter a sabotage by Azerbaijan?

The telegram channel Caucasian Bureau has sought the opinion of United World International author Mehmet Perinçek, after comments appeared in the Western media that Azerbaijan may have played a role in the downing of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s helicopter. United World International has translated Mehmet Perinçek’s response, published in Russian, into English.

A couple of cheap fakes, opinions of some “military experts”

A few days ago, Ankara urged not to be surprised if the helicopter crash that killed the Iranian president and foreign minister turned out to be a sabotage. The morning after the crash of the Iranian president’s helicopter, a number of Western media outlets named Baku as a party that could allegedly be involved in the story. How to make sense of this?

Mehmet Perinçek: Currently, one of the lines of policy of the West, particularly the US and France, is to create confrontation between Tehran and Baku, using fakes and provocations around the topic of the crash of the Iranian president’s helicopter. The West has provoked conflict between these two neighboring countries many times before, but neither Baku nor Tehran fell for this French-American hook. These steps were also taken during the escalation in Karabakh in 2020 and during the discussions about the opening of the Zangezur corridor. In both cases, Tehran and Baku emerged victorious from this big and dirty political game of the West.

Today, the political leadership of both Iran and Azerbaijan realize all the risks of conflict between their countries. It is clear that a conflict between Baku and Tehran will be exclusively in favor of the West, while the people of these two neighboring states will suffer the most. If it is confirmed that a terrorist attack was committed against the Iranian leader, I am convinced that the bloody trace will lead to the US embassy in Yerevan and further up to the Elysée Palace in Paris.

The dirty plans of the West in the region are aided and abetted by Armenia. It is no coincidence that we are witnessing more frequent visits to Yerevan by officials of Western intelligence services of various ranks. One of the largest, if not the largest, US embassy in the world is in Yerevan. Now, it is already becoming clear what exactly is the job of this US diplomatic mission in the South Caucasus.

The West, having finally realized that it cannot counteract the trend of establishing relations between Baku and Tehran, decided to act even more radically. They took provocative steps aimed at driving a wedge between Iran and Azerbaijan. A couple of cheap fakes, opinions of some “military experts” who claim that allegedly “Baku is behind the crash of Raisi’s helicopter”. They decapitated Iran will go against Azerbaijan. Mission accomplished, as they say in the West. But not everything is so simple. At the moment Baku and Tehran, aware of all the risks, have a clear policy and skillfully circumvent the Western traps.

Strategic co-operation between Baku and Tehran is scarier than Iran’s assistance to Palestine

If this incident was not an accident, it is the Western intelligence services that are behind the crash of the Iranian president’s helicopter. Or the MOSSAD. In my opinion, strategic co-operation between Baku and Tehran is scarier for the West and Israel. They are even more scared of that than Iran’s assistance to Palestine in the conflict against Israel. Another question arises here: what will happen when Iranian security services manage to prove that Raisi’s death was an organized sabotage? It will be necessary to think about who benefited from it. Raisi’s death was disadvantageous for Baku by all parameters. The countries had just managed to get out of the crisis in relations and started to build joint grandiose plans. And who benefited from the Iranian President’s death? Firstly – Israel, the US and France. Baku loses one of the most strategically important political partners in the region in the person of Raisi, and the West manages to freeze, at least for the moment, the North-South project, which is at their throats. And if the West still manages to organize a new hotbed of tension between Iran and Azerbaijan, it will be a complete victory for their insidious policy in the region.

Mehmet Perinçek

Historian and political scientist (Türkiye)

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