Is Türkiye a party to the Israeli-Iranian conflict?

Is Türkiye a party to the Israeli-Iranian conflict?

“The Palestinian people is changing the balance of power in the world”

Israel is helpless against Palestine, they cannot occupy Gaza. Moreover, we see that the resistance of the Palestinian people is changing the balance of power in the world. As Palestine succeeds, the forces supporting Israel are distancing themselves from Israel, even those who were joyfully supporting Israel’s genocide policy.

Among them also is the US. There is an upcoming election in the US. There are Muslim countries that the US fears deteriorating relations with. For these reasons, some oppositions to Israel’s policies are coming even from the US. In total, we went through a period of gradual isolation for Israel.

Isolation and aggression of Israel

To overcome this isolation and failure on the military front, Israel wants to expand conflict zones, regain its prestige and the lost support of its allies. This policy of Israel poses a great danger of dragging the world into a major war.

In pursuit of this policy, Israel hit a country’s embassy, Iran, which is unacceptable to anyone. If you hit a country’s embassy, you have already declared war on that country. You cannot justify this action to the world public under the pretext of “fighting terrorism”.

With this response to Israel, Iran has shown that Israel’s aforementioned policy will not go unanswered. Secondly, Iran may have prevented the expansion of the war zone.

Türkiye is not a bystander to the conflict

Looking at the issue from Türkiye’s perspective; firstly, we need to determine that Türkiye is not outside the conflict, as it is a country directly threatened by US and the genocidal Israel. Behind the PKK/YPG terrorist organization and the so-called “Greater Kurdistan” plan are the US and Israel.

The leaders of the front attempting to usurp Türkiye’s sovereignty rights and continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean are once again the US and Israel. It is a well-known fact that Türkiye’s economy is being targeted by these forces. Therefore, Türkiye is not just a bystander to the conflict between Iran and Israel.

Astana process and common stance against Israel

Moreover, beyond being just a bystander, Türkiye can be said to have taken a stance against Israel together with Iran in the Astana process. In Astana, Türkiye, Iran, and Russia reached an agreement on the territorial integrity of Syria.

So, who supports the terrorist organizations trying to undermine Syria’s territorial integrity? I mentioned the connection between PKK/YPG and Israel. We also know that behind ISIS and alike lie the US and Israel. We can test this truth in the following way: Have these organizations ever attacked any Israel targets? No. But whenever a country opposes the US and Israel, these terrorist organizations attack it. Ironically, these so-called “Islamic organizations” always target Muslim countries. ISIS targets Iran, the Taliban in Afghanistan, Hamas in Palestine, and Türkiye whenever it takes a stance against the US. So, the Astana process was also a cooperation against Israel. In this respect, Türkiye is not just a bystander to the conflict between Iran and Israel.

Opportunities opening up for Türkiye

I mentioned that Türkiye is under the threat of the US and Israel. On the other hand, these developments also offer great opportunities for Türkiye. While Israel tries to expand conflict zones to overcome isolation, it might be heading into a bigger quagmire.

In these circumstances, Türkiye has the chance to neutralize policies against itself. Especially, by collaborating firstly with the Syrian government and with Russia and Iran, Türkiye can eliminate the PKK/YPG terrorist organization in northern Syria. In this way, Türkiye can ensure its national security, provide a significant support to Palestine and take a significant step towards bringing peace and stability to the region.

US’ next move: Opening the gates of Eurasia through Eastern Mediterranean and Türkiye

The US will try to derive certain benefits from Israel’s aggressive policies. The US is facing a serious failure in Ukraine, and it is aware of this. Just like they fled from Afghanistan, they are now making plans to withdraw from Ukraine. However, the US has not abandoned its strategic plans regarding Eurasia. They consider implementing them through Türkiye, which they perceive to be in a weaker position in the Eastern Mediterranean. In other words, the US considers Türkiye a possible key to opening the gates of Eurasia.

After the Al Aqsa Flood operation on October 6th, the US sent its Sixth Fleet to the Eastern Mediterranean. In fact, Turkish state officials had boarded the Sixth Fleet and posed for cameras. Now, in a possible new escalation, the US may find new opportunities to increase military presence in the region. They may amass greater powers in the Eastern Mediterranean. Such moves would not only be against Palestine and Iran but also against Türkiye, aiming to encircle. In conclusion, the US would try to accomplish what it failed to do in Ukraine with its policies towards Türkiye.

“Turkish government must abandon its ‘balance policy’”

In these circumstances, the Turkish government must abandon its “balance policy”. Friendship to Ukraine and partnership with Russia, siding with the Palestinian people and declaring the US as strategic partner, calling Azerbaijan brother and expressing wishes to join the European Union: these contradictions are unbearable anymore. Türkiye needs to clarify its strategic orientation. All this I mentioned are critical not only for Türkiye’s national security but also for its economy.

Peace and deterrence

After this operation by Iran, voices would likely rise in the world urging for an end to conflicts and demanding “peace now”. Of course, no one wants war; everyone wants peace. The question is: how can peace be achieved? Peace is not possible as long as the aggression of Israel and Western imperialism isn’t stopped. The way to stop is to build a counterforce that can balance that of the aggressors. Peace cannot be leaving the attacks unanswered. Otherwise, they would attack more, bomb more intensely, continue to kill people in Gaza. In this regard, Iran’s latest response to Israel is a contribution to world peace.

Türkiye’s contribution to regional and world peace is to cooperate with regional countries to build a balancing force in the face of aggression. Once it’s done, the US and Israel wouldn’t dare to attack further. Peace can only be achieved in this way. The current policies of the Turkish government are not accurate from this perspective. Peace is at the barrel of a gun. This does not necessarily mean that a bullet must come out of the barrel. The key point is deterrence.

Mehmet Perinçek

Historian and political scientist (Türkiye)

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