Two dangers on the rise: Weak government – destructive opposition

Two dangers on the rise: Weak government – destructive opposition

On April 2, 2024, Vatan Party Chairman Doğu Perinçek held a press conference to evaluate the results of the local elections and outline the tasks ahead. In summary, Perinçek stated the following:

The problem before us: Getting rid of the Weak Government and the Destructive Opposition.

Türkiye has lost and the US and Israel have won in the elections

We have to assess the election result realistically.

The PKK has emerged from the ditches in which it was buried and settled in the local governments in our Southeast region. The ground has been created for “Autonomous Kurdistan”, which is the first stage in the plan of the USA and Israel. On the other hand, the PKK and FETÖ-friendly CHP administration has taken over big city municipalities. Western-oriented congregations and sects have gained an effective position in politics through the Yeniden Refah Partisi (Re-Welfare Party).

 Considering all these results, the National State and the Republican society lost the election.

Voters fled from the AK Party’s economic program that made it difficult to make a living and voted for the harsher conditions of US imperialism.

Two dangers on the rise

Türkiye, just like during the War of Independence, is facing the rise of two dangers.

The first danger is separatism. The terrorist organization PKK, which is a tool of the US and Israel’s plans for the Second Israel under the name of Kurdistan, and HÜDAPAR (Free Cause Party), which is in the service of the Second Israel plan due to its separatist position, are not only in the parliament. They have, thanks to the AK Party and CHP, also captured municipalities in the Southeast of Türkiye that form the basis for autonomy. The threat to Türkiye’s state unity and territorial integrity is on the agenda. 

The second danger is Western-backed sectarianism and religious organizations. FETÖ is being revived by the CHP. Yeniden Refah Party (The Re-Welfare Party) and HÜDAPAR (Free Cause Party), parties of congregations and sects that are doomed to be supported by the West, have become the scourge of Türkiye through the AK Party. No one should be deceived by the fact that congregations and sect sheikhs sometimes appear to be anti-American and anti-Israeli. As representatives of the medieval forces, which are natural allies of imperialism, they do not give up their positions against the National State and the Republic. For this reason, they play slippery and unreliable roles between the US and Israeli front and the Turkish front in the processes of settling accounts with our National State and the Republic.  

The confrontation ahead

US imperialism, and Western imperialism in general, is destroying Türkiye’s production economy and our National State with the program it imposed in 1980. The partner of this threat is Israeli Zionism. Now this threat has become even more severe.

The confrontation: US imperialism and its collaborators are on the opposing side. The National State, the productive classes, the Turkish nation with its Turks, Kurds, Sunnis and Alevis, the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish Police are the forces on the side of the nation.

Weak state, weak government

The AK Party has lost power, its authority is shaken, it has separatist and bigoted foot draggers, it has not purged the US from within.

The government is in weakness.

The state is also in weakness with the AKP-MHP government, the Constitutional Court that compromises with separatism, and the municipalities under the guidance of Atlantic forces.

The AKP+MHP government is unable to govern Türkiye, moreover, it has already fallen into that stance. The US supporters within the AK Party are gaining power. The MHP’s loss of identity is reaching the extent of erasing its identity.

It is obvious that we cannot get out of the current difficult conditions with the AK Party+MHP government.

Destructive opposition

The party that received the highest number of votes in the election was not the CHP, but the CHP+PKK+FETÖ partnership. CHP Chairman Özgür Özel, who insisted on emphasizing “unity with the others” before and after the elections, has not given up on the PKK, FETÖ and US-led sects such as the Suleimanists. This opposition is destructive. It is caught up by the enemies of the National State and the Republic.

The strings of the CHP-led opposition are in the hands of US imperialism and Israel. The first congratulations to the CHP came from the Israeli government. The famous Rand Corporation project, announced by the US Deep State in January 2020, has gained ground.

Türkiye is facing the threat of being thrown back from the positions it gained with the Vatan Party’s destruction of the Silivri Walls and the Turkish Armed Forces’ operation to bury the PKK in the trenches that began on July 24, 2015.

Türkiye’s economy under the AK Party is under the threat of getting bogged down in debt.

The CHP+PKK+ETÖ opposition is the scourge of Türkiye. In the coming period, we will see how far the dimensions of this scourge have reached, and we will pay the price as a nation, especially our Mehmetçik’s (our soldiers) and police on the front line.

Political crisis added to the economic crisis, worsening the depression

Before the local elections, Türkiye was already in an economic depression.

Now a political depression, in other words a governmental crisis, has been added to the economic crisis.

The elections, or rather the voters, did not bring solutions, they brought difficulties and aggravated the crisis.

A considerable part of our electorate was caught in the hail while running away from the rain.

The increase in the number of voters who did not participate in the elections is also important. This mass saw the weakness of the government and the destructiveness of the CHP-led opposition. However, it has not yet turned towards the solution led by the Vatan Party.

All parties of the system are in internal wars

Take a look at the parties of the Atlantic System: They are all engaged in internal wars. The leaders and the organization are undermining each other. The scenes of fisticuffs, strangling, tripping and scheming are in front of everyone’s eyes!

How will those who cannot establish authority within their own party and who fall into chaos save Türkiye from the difficulties it is facing!!!

The primary way out: strong state, strong government, for the nation state and the production revolution

The only way out: To establish a Strong State and Strong Government for the National State and Production Revolution.

This is the only way out of the difficulties.

The Vatan Party is ready to lead this historic task with its Production Revolution Program, national revolutionary strategy, populist policies, experienced and dynamic cadres.

We will rescue our National State from its weaknesses and rebuild it on the values of our War of Independence!

We will establish a Strong State and a Strong Government!

We will achieve the Production Revolution!

Our strength comes from history and is great!

There is the Turkish nation with its Turks, Kurds, Sunnis and Alevis!

Türkiye has heroic and self-sacrificing pioneers!

We have the Turkish Armed Forces and Police!

There is the Vatan Party of the homeland!

We call on all our producers, all our nation, all the pioneers of our nation to unite for the Production Revolution at the National State position.

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