The meeting in Brussels on 5 April is a preparation for war

The meeting in Brussels on 5 April is a preparation for war

Unfortunately, Pashinyan remains a tool in the hands of the West. There was hope that after the liberating Second Karabakh War, after Armenia’s major defeat, the authorities of this country would make the right conclusions and draw the right lessons. Namely, they would renounce Western influence, engage in regional integration, link Armenia’s fate with its neighbors, with the common interests of the region. But Pashinyan missed this chance. The loss of such a chance this time will be very costly for the Armenian people, who are now being dragged into an adventure.

Mehmet Perinçek, United World International’s author, said this in an interview with Day.Az.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan will go to Brussels on 5 April, where US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, with the participation of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, will meet with him to discuss issues related to Armenia’s development. The meeting in Brussels on 5 April, Perinçek believes, is in a sense a preparation for war against both Azerbaijan and Russia.

“Armenia itself, of course, is not capable of going to war with Russia or Azerbaijan. But NATO troops will be stationed on its territory, a fact that by itself can already become a reason for fuelling conflicts and contribute to the growth of tension in the region. Armenia has been chosen as a springboard for the actions of NATO, the collective West against Russia, Türkiye, Azerbaijan and Iran. I would call this an attempt by the collective West to open a second front against Russia. Europe and the U.S. understand perfectly well that Armenia cannot be made a winner, but it can be used as a tool to slow down the peace process in the South Caucasus and hinder regional integration. Armenia has no chance in an armed confrontation and is destined to become a victim of Western interests. The meeting in Brussels on 5 April, however it is announced, will be a preparation for these processes,” Perinçek said.

According to a Turkish political analyst, the EU monitoring mission operating in Armenia will eventually be turned into a paramilitary structure. It already has representatives of special services of Western countries and will further intensify its activities in the South Caucasus and engage in provocations. According to Perinçek, the latest terrorist attack in Moscow was not only directed against the Russian people. He considers this action as a message to Azerbaijan as well, because the terrorist attack was carried out in a concert hall owned by an Azerbaijani businessman, and it was hardly an accident.

“Participation in Western games will not be useful for the Armenian people. If Armenia further isolates itself from its neighbors, the results will be deplorable. Armenia still has a chance to sign peace with Azerbaijan, take its place on the 3+3 platform, support regional integration, develop its economy, and solve the country’s other root problems. Instead, Pashinyan has, unfortunately, returned to his masters. But participation in the plans of imperialist countries is very dangerous, which is evident from the history of the Armenians themselves. Their adventures during the First World War, the cooperation of the Dashnaks with the Nazis, the terrorist acts of ASALA and other Armenian terrorist organizations under the patronage of the Western special services…. We know the results of these adventures. The West is once again pushing Armenia into the old rake.

As a counterbalance to these activities, Russia, Türkiye, Iran and Azerbaijan should unite their efforts to counter the West’s insidious plans. The “3+3″ platform can serve these purposes. It is necessary to activate it, develop it, we need to pull Armenia out of the Western embrace and attract Armenia to integration on this platform. We have this goal in front of us, and we have the tools for its realization,” Mehmet Perinçek said.

Mehmet Perinçek

Historian and political scientist (Türkiye)

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  1. David Weber says:

    Funny to see what conclusions Turks draw from this. Obviously the entire Turkic front is trembling, because Armenia is not depending on them or their Ally Russia anymore. They are literally sh***** their pants. Knowing attacking Armenia will mean conflict with France, Germany, Italy, Greece and so many more. The free world, the non suppressed world, is on Armenias side, as is history. It is time for Turkey to own up to its own history and return Ararat to the Armenians and Kurds. 🙂 Oh and your article is obviously so very biased it is hard to take it seriously. Calling yourself a Historian and Scientist but writing like someone from elemantary school. Maybe look for another career, Mr Perincek.

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