Pashinyan’s forecasts will not save him

Pashinyan’s forecasts will not save him
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg meets with the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has hinted at the likelihood of new hostilities on the territory of the republic. According to him, this will happen if Armenia does not abandon the control of four villages in favor of Baku.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that demarcation commissions have started the process of determining the exact border of the country. This process could cause an escalation of the conflict with Azerbaijan. According to Pashinyan, the battle could start at the end of the week if Yerevan fails to fulfil Baku’s conditions for handing over four border villages. Pashinyan noted that he even knows how the conflict could end.

“And our policy is that we must not allow a war to start”, – the politician announced at a meeting with residents of the border villages. “This is the reason that we have decided that we must go to clarify Armenia’s border in this section.”

A number of political experts note that Pashinyan’s statements about future war are not accidental – he is building a pro-Western game.

“Undoubtedly, Pashinyan is playing on the side of the West, and any aggravation in relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan now, of course, is in the hands of the West first of all,” Igor Pshenichnikov, political scientist and publicist, Tsargrad columnist, emphasizes.

He points to the “amazing” coincidence that “turbulence” started in Armenia right after the presidential elections in Russia.

“These ‘Western movements’ are connected with the fact that we held elections, which were won by Putin with an overwhelming advantage. The West’s task now is to demonize Russia, demonize Putin, and create a host of problems on all fronts. One of them is the Transcaucasia. Pashinyan’s statement should be seen in this context,” the observer believes.

The game of the West

It is interesting that against the background of Pashinyan’s statements about war, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg paid a visit to the region. Before Armenia, he also visited Azerbaijan and Georgia.

The representative of the North Atlantic Alliance met with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and President Vahagn Khachatryan in Yerevan.

In fact, the process of rocking the Transcaucasia is taking place before our eyes. As Turkish political scientist Mehmet Perinçek emphasizes, peace in Transcaucasia is disadvantageous for the West.

“Pashinyan has no will of his own, and the government of the republic is run not by Armenians, not by the Armenian people, but by Western handlers. The axis ‘Moscow-Ankara-Baku’ has solved the Karabakh issue. And a just solution of the Karabakh issue opened a new era in this region. And now there is a very big chance for final peace and stabilization and socio-economic regional integration. All this means the end or failure for the policy of the West. But it is not at all favorable for them – thus the West will lose its tool for intervention,” points out the interlocutor of Tsargrad.

Perinçek believes that this is why the Caucasus countries are now being actively influenced from the outside.

“They have again started provoking Yerevan against the countries of the region – not only against Azerbaijan, but also against Russia. And although Yerevan and Armenia have no forces to fight Azerbaijan or oppose Russia’s interests, the West is again pushing Armenia into an incomprehensible adventure, and this is very dangerous for the country and its people,” the expert explained.

The political analyst notes that the expectation that Pashinyan will learn lessons from past mistakes has not justified.

“He started to integrate Armenia into regional processes, but in the end, he again fell into the trap of the West and began to move in the fairway of Western countries. This is very dangerous; it will be a great collapse for Armenia and the Armenian people. Therefore, the Armenian government should be cool about the border negotiations and agree with Azerbaijan, they should not hear the ‘advice’ of Western agents, spies, and should get rid of the influence of Western countries. If Pashinyan wants to serve his people, then his main task is to get rid of the patronage, the influence of the West. This will be the biggest contribution to his country and peace in the region,” he added.

Russia “did not protect”

At the same time, Russia earlier noted that the course taken by Pashinyan in dealing with Moscow would be detrimental to Armenia itself. However, these warnings did not stop the country’s prime minister. The other day he said that the republic is ready to withdraw from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). According to the prime minister, Yerevan will implement this option if the members of the organization do not fulfil their obligations and do not recognize their area of responsibility.

Sergey Latyshev, an international journalist and columnist for Tsargrad, explained: threats by Armenian-Soros Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to withdraw Armenia from the CSTO if Russia does not answer some of Yerevan’s questions would be simply ridiculous and even impossible if Moscow had long ago made it clear to the former Soviet republics that it does not intend to tolerate such treatment and may well speak to them in the language of threats, from a position of strength.

However, it is important to realize that the situation with Armenia, if the republic completely “falls in line” with the West, may become a problem for Russia.

“The problem, however, is that by absorbing Armenia, or rather what remains of it after the Azerbaijani-Turkish feast, the West will make the captured Armenian territory a base for hybrid warfare with Russia. Namely, subversive work with our numerous Armenian diaspora, to fight Russian interests in neighboring countries, which will be the next objects of Western lust. And we will get exactly the same situation, only even closer to our borders. Therefore, the best option is not to withdraw troops, but to impose economic sanctions against Yerevan for its disrespectful attitude and outrageous nagging towards Russia. And then soon the Armenians themselves will ask our military to help them get rid of the Western paid envoys,” noted the Tsargrad columnist.

This article was previously published in Russian on Tsargrad TV website. Translated from Russian into English by United World International.

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