A James Bond-like detective work to understand world politics

A James Bond-like detective work to understand world politics

In our country and around the world, events have become so fast-paced that even two hours can lead to a topic becoming outdated. Just a few weeks ago, we were discussing the loss of 12 soldiers by the terrorists, and some days ago, the controversial incidents during the Fenerbahçe-Galatasaray match in Saudi Arabia were the hot topics. Now, the bombings in Beirut and Iran have overshadowed all of that. We can’t even predict what tomorrow morning holds. If we get too caught up in the daily events, it’s a sign that we may not be able to navigate through this whirlwind of the last two or three days.

So, we need to learn how to draw a general framework for all these events and understand whatever is referred to as the big picture. In a sense, those who want to discuss these issues now need to be able to act like a detective, akin to Sherlock Holmes or the Turkish detective character Cingöz Recai. The times of analyzing with slogans or delivering sharp speeches have long passed.

Overview of the last 150 years

You can now ask, “What is the big picture, then?” The current big picture is the reality that “we are in a period of renewed radical polarization in the world.” In other words, the well-established world order of the past 150 years has started to crack and is attempting to resist giving way to another world order! We have heard the phrase “New World Order” so many times that perhaps it’s time to stop using it. Instead, discussing a West-East rivalry might be more fitting.

Perhaps for the first time, it is necessary to remember how the system of the West is built on cruelty and the oppressions it has carried out over the past 150 years. (By the way, we don’t forget that the same West has been the center of these oppressions and cruelties since the 1500s. We are just focusing on the last 150 years for now to explain the present.) The single example and figure we can provide in this regard is that, in a brief period of just 30 years between 1914 and 1945, the West, in its efforts to maintain its power and wealth, caused the death of 100 million people. It is essential to remember and remind ourselves of this figure every day and every moment. Despite their graceful appearances, sweet words, and false claims of championing freedom, they caused 100 million (numerically 100,000,000) human beings from all nations to leave this world, meaning they caused them to die.

1914-1945: 100 million deaths in 30 years!

Now, to think that the West could easily abandon their sweet lives – the Parisian cafés, the lights of Las Vegas, the bars filled with intoxication in London – and willingly embrace a life they have scorned as “oriental” for the past 150 years is naive and ignorant. In a Western world that, in 30 years, could eliminate 100 million people to obtain and preserve what they have today, concepts like peace, freedom, equality, and humanity can only be found in their books or declarations. But in real life, none of these have existed and will not exist.

To understand this, even in the most corrupted region of Türkiye, like Bodrum, ask a European or American tourist what their favorite thing is. We can bet that their answers won’t include Adana kebab, lahmacun, baklava, or Turkish raki. The most significant response will be, “How humane and warm the Turkish people are.” Let’s clarify that we’re not saying this to favor Turks without reason; as someone who has spent forty years abroad and brought thousands of people to Türkiye for cultural tourism for twenty years, we can make this observation without hesitation. Because Western civilization, while elevating machines to a divine status, is based on mechanizing humanity – those who create and operate the machines. Therefore, every Westerner emphasizes the warmth and humanity of Turks first and foremost. That’s also the main reason why they desire to vacation in Türkiye. (Of course, we take into account the affordability in euros here.) Nevertheless, even after spending so much money, they are here primarily because they find the humanity they couldn’t find in their own country. There may be more beautiful beaches and more colorful holiday destinations in other countries, but at least here, they find the one thing they couldn’t find elsewhere – humanity. We are not even mentioning the drastic changes Turkish people have undergone in the last 30 years and the troubling point they have reached. Despite reaching this point, Turkish humanity is still far ahead in humanism compared to the West.

Customers fighting to escape paying the bill

The West, with its unpaid bills and the exploitation of colonial wealth, the benefits of imperialist plunder, will not easily abandon what it has acquired, as we can see. For 150 years, they have been attacking vehemently with the “think tanks,” collaborators, NGOs, writers, illustrators, and journalists, whom they have nurtured for these days, to fiercely defend what they have gained. Their goal is to eliminate anything and anyone that stands in their way or could potentially do so without hesitation. For this purpose, any means, sacred or not, is considered permissible. Religion, faith, rituals, sports, politics, parties, newspapers, prostitutes, scholars, sheiks, priests – the same tools they have used for 150 years are still in circulation today.

Didn’t they establish the Moon cult and use Christianity to divide Korean society and reinforce the North-South division to turn South Korea into an American satellite? Didn’t they use the Saudis to radicalize the peaceful Muslim population in Yugoslavia, breaking it apart with the funds from Rabita? Didn’t they weave the ambiguous “Kurdish autonomy” sock for Türkiye? And if that wasn’t enough, didn’t they organize one of the thousands of imams in the country to entangle us with the organization called Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETÖ)?

The reality is definitely in so-called conspiracy theories

Labeling everything as “conspiracy theories” and creating a class of journalists, scientists, professors, and even the military to overshadow what is happening is also the work of Western imperialism. When they quickly dismiss any analysis with “this is a conspiracy theory,” the validity of that analysis can be undermined. Because every form of media is currently serving as the last standing pillar of the collapsing empire of the West.

Therefore, explaining the Fenerbahçe-Galatasaray match as a simple misunderstanding or someone not doing their job properly is foolish. In today’s war, as we tried to explain above, the Western world operates like a “Manipulation Machine” in almost every aspect, and for now, it is successful with this strategy. However, the point where those being manipulated are fed up is rapidly approaching. Regardless of how advanced their think tanks are in creating theories, according to the natural rules of life and the universe, there will be an end to them as well. And when that day comes, humanity from around the world, saying “enough is enough,” will come together for a fairer and more beautiful world.

Latif Bolat

He was born in Mersin-Türkiye. Studied at the Ankara State Conservatory, Gazi University Music Department and Ankara University-School of Political Sciences. Did his graduate degree at San Francisco State University in International Business and Marketing. Worked as a Theater Music Director and newspaper reporter, as well as a computer engineer. Finally, he decided to stay as a music scholar. He traveled for his concert and lectures in 40 countries including the USA, India, UK, Italy, Iran, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Sweden, Greece, and many other locations. He produced 5 Turkish Mystic Sufi music CDs and a Turkish Mystic Sufi poetry Anthology in English, titled “Quarreling with God”, published in Oregon, USA. www.LatifBolat.com Lbolat@aol.com

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