The main result of the year: The era of Atlanticism is ending

The main result of the year: The era of Atlanticism is ending

United World International author Mehmet Perinçek commented on the year 2023 on the Russian Tsargrad channel and talked about his expectations for 2024. We present the interview, published in Russian, to our readers translated into English.

What processes in international politics have come to the fore in the past year? According to Turkish political scientist Mehmet Perinçek, 2023 has once again demonstrated that the era of Atlanticism is coming to an end.

The past year has been rich in events of a geopolitical scale, and our country has been assigned the most important role in most of them. The year 2023 on a global scale was a continuation of the struggle launched by Russia in February 2022 against Western hegemony and all kinds of forms of neocolonialism.

It became quite obvious that Russia’s political isolation could not be achieved, despite all the efforts, first of all, of Washington. The West’s diplomatic blitzkrieg has failed. No one has left Russia in “isolation”, except for American satellites.

The Year of International Visits

The beginning of the year has already become eventful – so on March 19-20, the Second International Parliamentary conference “Russia – Africa” was held at the State Duma, the event was attended by parliamentarians and leading experts from dozens of countries of the African continent.

Literally at the same time, the Chinese leader’s three-day visit to Russia started. The meeting between President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping was followed without exaggeration by the whole world. The Western media seems to have published a record number of publications expressing an extreme degree of concern. The general motive of the published articles is to draw a line under the world order, where the West dominates. It became clear that the world was irreversibly divided. There is no longer a single decision-making power, but there is a group of great powers, each of which has its own interests.

The end of the year was marked by a new failure for the Western “duct tape”. The Russian President went on official visits to the Middle East. The trip started from Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Russian leader’s meeting was organized at the highest level – by the arrival of the Russian leader, six combat aircraft painted the sky in the colors of the Russian tricolor. And the arrival of the Russian president himself looked appropriate – Su-35S fighters accompanied the presidential board in the sky.

The era of Atlanticism is ending

The outgoing year has once again demonstrated that the era of Atlanticism is ending. Turkish political scientist Mehmet Perinçek said this in an interview with Tsargrad about the results of the year. A new multipolar world is coming to replace it.

We have witnessed that the plans of the United States, the West as a whole, are being thwarted everywhere. This applies, in particular, to the Ukrainian counteroffensive, the political scientist noted.

Even the Americans have already realized that Ukraine is losing the war and cannot follow orders or plans of the United States in this region. In the coming year, we will probably once again witness how the imperialists, the West, use and then abandon their tools.

The expert also drew attention to the situation in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone. The United States and its satellites do not put the norms of international law into anything – attacking civilians is not something out of the ordinary for Atlantists.

Recall that more than 20 thousand people were killed in the Gaza Strip, including many children. Meanwhile, quite recently, during the adoption of a resolution in the UN Security Council, the United States blocked Russia’s amendment calling for a ceasefire in the region.

According to Mehmet Perinçek, the situation around the Palestinian enclave shows that “even the most primitive, most basic human principles have no meaning for the West and for Atlanticism.”

The Turkish political scientist paid special attention to the interaction between the West and Ankara. The West is trying to surround Türkiye and strangle the country – in response, anti-American, anti-NATO sentiments are growing in Turkish society, the political scientist notes.

Therefore, next year will also be a year for Türkiye to fight Atlanticism and NATO’s plans. Although Türkiye is a de jure member of NATO, officially, but, on the other hand, Türkiye itself has become a de facto NATO target, in reality. Therefore, next year, the struggle or confrontation between NATO and Türkiye will become more acute, said the expert.

The political scientist pointed out that the contradictions between Ankara and the alliance are growing, Türkiye’s national interests do not coincide with the plans of the United States and NATO, and therefore it is possible that the country will raise the issue of leaving the bloc.

If Türkiye wants to survive, it must withdraw from NATO, but not in 20–30 years, but in a year or two […]. This year has shown very clearly this confrontation between Türkiye and the West, – concluded the interlocutor.

Mehmet Perinçek

Historian and political scientist (Türkiye)

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