“The activity of USAID should be banned in the entire region”

“The activity of USAID should be banned in the entire region”

United World International author Mehmet Perinçek gave an interview to the Azerbaijani site Bizim.Media about the plans of the USA on Azerbaijan and the destructive activities of USAID in the region. We present the interview, published in Azerbaijani Turkish, to our readers translated into English.

“Especially starting from 1980, US organizations started doing certain things in different countries. USAID stands first in the list of organizations that carry out these activities. This organization played an important role in the occurrence of color revolutions in many countries.

Turkish political scientist and historian Mehmet Perinçek expressed these thoughts in his statement to Bizim.Media.

Commenting on the ugly campaign launched by the USAID organization against our country [Azerbaijan], Perinçek noted that similar ugly activities are being carried out in many countries, along with Azerbaijan:

“The United States of America sometimes takes up arms and uses force to implement its plans in many places. We have seen this in Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Libya and many other places both in the past and in the present.

But the US military operations require serious financial resources. They also create an anti-US climate in those countries. In order to prevent this, Washington started to show its power internally by creating various organizations and penetrating those countries through them.

This organization succeeded in overthrowing governments in many countries with its cunning activities. USAID has a special role in financing the opposition of some countries.

Everyone knows about the activities of USAID in Belarus. It was also revealed that USAID was recently involved in the coup attempt in Georgia. It is also known that USAID has activities in Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian countries. Of course, they want to implement the color revolution in Azerbaijan as well”, said Mehmet Perinçek.

The historian said that the leader of Azerbaijan is independent of the West and other big powers and conducts a balanced policy based on national interests, and emphasized that Washington has resorted to ugly behavior against policies that do not suit its interests:

“This is because Mr. Ilham Aliyev is independent of the West and implements a policy in accordance with the national interests of Azerbaijan. This means that Ilham Aliyev is acting against the plans of the United States. They repeatedly carried out unsuccessful activities against Ilham Aliyev. These activities are not carried out within the framework of democratic values.

On the contrary, these steps are calculated to overthrow the state.

Therefore, it is quite appropriate that such organizations are not allowed to operate in Azerbaijan. USAID, which is organized in Azerbaijan, also does this in Armenia. The aim is to prevent peace and create chaos in the region. They intend to intervene in the region as a result of the created chaos.

Therefore, bringing the Karabakh issue to the agenda is one of the top issues for the United States. USAID is one of the levers of the United States in activities in this direction. Such activities of the United States should be blocked in all countries of the region. This is an activity aimed not at democratic values, but at destroying states,” Mehmet Perinçek added.

Cover graphic by Azernews.az.

Mehmet Perinçek

Historian and political scientist (Türkiye)

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