Tokayev’s proposal for a common OTG market is vital

Tokayev’s proposal for a common OTG market is vital

United World International author Mehmet Perincek gave an interview to the Kazakh press about the 10th summit of the Organization of Turkic States, which was held in Astana on October 3, 2023. We present the interview, published in Russian, to our readers translated into English.

The initiative of Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to develop interregional trade and a common market with member countries of the Organization of Turkic States (OTC) is a vital proposal, says Turkish political scientist and historian Mehmet Perinçek. According to the expert, a strong economy is the key to the security and territorial integrity of the Turkic countries.

The 10th summit of the Organization of Turkic States was held in Astana, in which the heads of the OTC member countries – Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Türkiye – took part. A well-known historian and political scientist in Türkiye, Mehmet Perinçek, believes that Turkic roots are not the only factor for the unification and strategic cooperation of the UTC countries.

“Turkic roots, of course, contribute to this cooperation, because there is a common culture, understanding, and it is easier to find a common language, it is easier to develop strategic cooperation. But not only Turkic roots, but also common economic, geopolitical and political interests unite the Turkic states. This is very important. Our countries face common threats, challenges and common problems. Our countries have common goals. It is easier for our country to realize its national interests in cooperation with other Turkic states,” the political scientist believes.

According to the Turkish expert, today the integration of the Turkic world takes place in parallel with the integration of the entire Eurasian space.

“The integration of the Turkic world and the Eurasian space, in essence, cannot be separated from each other. Even more: OTG will be the very lever of cooperation for uniting the Eurasian space, establishing connections with such important players in this global area as Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, India. This alliance is not an alliance against any regional states. On the contrary, the OTG supports cooperation with all states and actively cooperates with them, that is, it meets the interests of all Eurasian countries. Therefore, large countries in the region such as Russia, China, Iran and others should welcome the development of OTG,” the expert emphasizes.

At the OTC summit, the leader of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, called on country leaders to expand interregional trade and focus on investing in the economy. The President noted that to strengthen economic ties, it is necessary to develop the green financing market. According to an expert from Türkiye, in the context of a crisis in the global economic environment, Tokayev’s initiative to expand interregional trade is very important.

“Now the whole world is experiencing an economic crisis. Economics is one of the main topics on the agenda. The economic crisis can be overcome with the support of national productive forces. We need to develop and support these forces, we need to create a national economy and industry. This task can be completed not only with the help of the domestic market; international trade is also important here. Therefore, Tokayev’s proposal for a common market is a vital proposal. In this way, we can develop our common productive forces, overcome economic crises and develop the economy. And a strong or independent economy from external factors is the main guarantee of our security and territorial integrity,” the political scientist shared his opinion.

The President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, took the initiative to systematize the standards and terminology of OTG and adopt a corresponding bill. According to Tokayev, this initiative opens the way to free export of goods to the common market. “Unified standards will ensure annual GDP growth of approximately 1%. Currently, the gross domestic product of our countries is almost $1.4 trillion. This year, trade turnover between members of the organization exceeded $22 billion. This figure can be increased by 1.5 times if approved general requirements,” Tokayev expressed confidence, speaking at the OTG summit.

According to Turkish expert Mehmet Perinçek, the Turkic world is the main bridge between East and West.

“This is very important for international trade, especially in the Belt and Road project.” The initiative of the Turkic world can play a huge role. Cooperation between Turkic states or the unification of Turkic states can ensure stabilization, prosperity, and peace throughout Eurasia. The Turkic world is not only for itself. The unification of the Turkic world is one of the main levers for the integration of all of Eurasia,” concluded the Turkish political scientist.

Mehmet Perinçek

Historian and political scientist (Türkiye)

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