Creating the power to go beyond the “condemnation” and “complaint”

Creating the power to go beyond the “condemnation” and “complaint”

The Israel-Palestine conflict is not limited to just these two countries. Also, the confrontation over the issue of Palestine is not only a matter between the Arab and Islamic geography on the one side, and Israel on the other. As developments have shown, over Gaza there are two camps: Israel and the Atlantic front that supports Israel in every possible way, and all countries suffering from the aggression of the Western camp.

The fundamental confrontation in the world and its different fronts

In fact, the Palestinian issue is a reflection of the broader Atlantic-Eurasian confrontation in the world.

The Taiwan issue, the Ukraine war, the Cyprus problem, and the struggle to ensure the territorial integrity of Syria are all parts of this general division.

Therefore, developments on each front directly affect the others. In other words, the failure of Atlantic plans on these various fronts strengthens the resistance of the Palestinian people. In turn, the success of the Palestinian people provides relief to countries suffering from Atlantic aggression on other fronts.

Friends and foes in the Palestine issue

The recent events following the Gaza conflict make it quite clear. Countries like Türkiye, Russia, China, and Iran adopted similar approaches. Leaders of these countries raised their voices in favor of officially recognizing a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.

Looking at the issue from the other side, the picture is the same. The Atlantic front stood with Israeli aggression without wavering. They even prohibited demonstrations in support of the Palestinian people.

The atmosphere in the Western world is reminiscent of the early days of the Ukraine conflict. Just as they removed everything related to Russia or the Russians from their theaters, universities and every aspect of daily life, they are pushing to render it impossible to mention Palestine in a positive light.

This goes also for the pawns of the Atlantic front. Take Ukraine, for example. Ukraine has been making supportive statements for Israel from the very beginning, adorned the streets of its capital with Israeli flags, and remained silent in the face of the atrocities in Gaza.

And this is quite normal because the success of Israel means a stronger hand for the Kyiv regime against Russia. Likewise, the Second Israel (Greater Kurdistan) project by the US and Israel is among the expectations of the Kyiv regime. The more Western bases there are in the region, the safer the Kyiv regime (not Ukraine) feels.

Arms black market of Ukraine

It’s not without reason that there have been talks about Ukrainians holding talks with circles in Dubai over the past six months, who provide weapons to the PKK/PYD. Ukraine shares a common destiny with the puppet structures in the east of the Euphrates and has a segment within getting richer through the “black market” of zero-cost weapons aid coming from the West.

Imagining the profitability of this “market” is not difficult. It’s worth noting that, from the perspective of Ukrainian officials, strategic benefits are not always the primary consideration. Sometimes, simply filling their pockets becomes the main goal.

These weapons find their way into European countries through illicit channels. For example, the most recent claims were made by Commissioner Ahlgren, who leads the National Bureau of Investigation’s organized crime unit, in a broadcast on October 30 by Yleisradio Oy (Yle), a Finnish state-owned broadcasting company. He said that there is evidence of weapons exported to Ukraine entering in Finland’s territory. Also, according to the official, weapons have also been smuggled into Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands through illegal channels from Ukraine.

Concerns regarding this matter are frequently brought up in Western media and official circles.

Atlantic policies hitting Europe

Therefore, the US policy in Ukraine puts Europe in a difficult position in this sense too. There are serious concerns about how and where these weapons will be used by criminal and terrorist organizations.

Now, returning to the Palestinian issue… Atlantic aggression is likely to create heavy problems in Europe. It is said that European support for Israel’s blatant violence will cause strong reactions among European Muslims. Some even mention “scenarios of civil war”.

Counter-balancing power with power

All of this highlights the parties on the fronts, their connections and their shared interests. So, for Türkiye, the path to be taken in the Palestinian issue and how to determine “friends and foes” are becoming clearer.

Clear as light: Israel, the US and their allies neither respect international law nor uphold humanitarian principles. Therefore, responses limited to criticizing them from this aspect can have only meaning in terms of propaganda, but no tangible obstacle against Israeli violence.

The only way to stop this power is to create a counterforce. In the Palestinian issue, an equitable solution requires this counterforce.

This counterforce can be established in accordance with the objective confrontation depicted above. Eurasian countries will come together to disrupt Atlantic plans no matter at what specific points in the world they are located, also by trying to gain the support of public opinion and forces harmed by Western policies. These countries will agree on a common strategy, from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Black Sea, from Palestine to Taiwan.

Otherwise, we can do no more than “condemn”, or “complain”!

Mehmet Perinçek

Historian and political scientist (Türkiye)

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