Israel’s declaration of war

Israel’s declaration of war

By Khaled AL Yamani, Member of Palestinian Front of National Liberation, member of the committee for Refugees and the Right to Return

After the Hebrew media announced that “Benjamin Netanyahu” bypassed the government and the Zionist political and security ministerial council “the cabinet” and decided to ratify the war clause in accordance with Article (40) of the “Israeli” law, The Office of the Prime Minister of the occupying State announced that the Cabinet voted in favor of officially placing “Israel” in a state of war and carrying out major military activities. This is the first time in fifty years, that is, since the October 1973 war, that the occupying state has declared a “state of war.”

State of war

Declaring a state of war requires entering a state of emergency, placing the occupying state’s logistical capabilities and infrastructure at the disposal of the army, in order to achieve its goals, and recruiting large forces from reserve forces or comprehensive mobilization.

Objectives of declaring war

– Immunizing the army and security forces from any judicial prosecution against the backdrop of the use of lethal force, especially in dealing with any protests inside the occupied interior.

– Expanding the margins for implementing home front measures, closures, suspension of the educational process, and expanding emergency measures.

– Sending hot messages about “Israel’s” seriousness in dealing with any expansion of the fronts participating in the current confrontation.

– Creating a motive to increase the support provided by the United States of America, which is committed to enabling “Israel” to defend itself, and opening its army stores inside “Israel” for use by the occupying army, in addition to providing urgent military aid, especially missiles for air support systems to intercept missiles.

– Unifying Israeli society after the sharp divisions that Israel witnessed as a result of the mass protests against the “judicial amendments” plan.

– Mobilizing internal public support and absorbing the resentment of the masses due to the great failure that the government incurred as a result of the success of the Palestinian resistance attack.

Implications of the occupation’s intention to declare a state of war

– The pace and size of the operations carried out by the resistance from the Gaza Strip put the occupation at a stage in which its effective losses are equal to the losses of major regular wars.

– Netanyahu is looking for options to restore the image of Israeli deterrence and send a serious message to the Palestinian resistance and the countries of the region that the occupying state will not deal with what happened in a simple manner.

– Preparing Israeli public opinion to deal with the large numbers of deaths and prisoners resulting from resistance attacks.

– Netanyahu is trying to reassure the economic and service sectors that they will receive the necessary compensation, as the declaration of war allows these sectors to demand compensation for their losses from the government.

– Preparing for the possibility of the army engaging in military operations that take a long time and may require ground movements and invasions.


The goals set by Netanyahu to respond to the attacks of the Palestinian resistance are to secure the Gaza Strip from the resistance fighters who succeeded in reaching a wide geographical depth inside the Zionist settlements. Responding to the attack and inflicting great losses and a heavy price on the resistance and the Gaza Strip, and dismantling the organizational and military structures of the resistance, in addition to restoring soldiers and settlers captured by the resistance all of these goals require long military operations and broad powers to achieve the desired goals.

The declaration of war by the “Israeli” government will constitute a cover for more Zionist crimes, but without resorting to a radical operational coup, as the Zionist occupation’s limited options in dealing with Gaza will keep the occupation’s hand tied and limit it to the options of intense fire, aerial bombardment, and searching for targets with Propaganda while the absolute American support represents opportunities to move more freely and reduce the amount of pressure on Netanyahu, who is shocked at the unprecedented scene in “Israel.”

“Israel” is looking for monopolization of Gaza and the fragmentation of the fronts that could be united, especially the Lebanon front. Within this framework came a request for support and assistance from the United States of America and France to neutralize Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iran and the rest of the forces of the axis of resistance from participating in the confrontation and relieving pressure on Gaza. The declaration of war sent serious messages to these parties to remain neutral and not support the resistance in Gaza.

Opening fronts against “Israel”, is the basis for relieving pressure on Gaza and the Palestinian resistance, preventing Netanyahu from achieving a victory over the Palestinian blood, raising the bill of blood and destruction, and restoring the Gaza Strip to “back fifty years,” according to the expression of the Zionist Minister of War.

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