The power behind the terrorist attack in Türkiye and the truth about the PKK

The power behind the terrorist attack in Türkiye and the truth about the PKK

The leader of the Turkish Vatan (Patriotic) Party, Doğu Perinçek, said that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) could not have attempted a terrorist attack in the center of Ankara without approval from the United States.

Turkish security forces are carrying out the anti-terrorist operation “Heroes” throughout the country after an attempted terrorist attack on Sunday morning near the Interior Ministry building in the center of Ankara, during which one terrorist blew himself up and another was neutralized. During the shootout, two police officers were slightly wounded. As reported by Turkish media, the PKK claimed responsibility for the attempted terrorist attack. After these events, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense reported air strikes on PKK militant targets in northern Iraq and the destruction of 20 of those.

“We congratulate the Turkish police for their vigilance, sense of duty and heroism. This attack was a complete disappointment and misfortune for the terrorists. What was the goal, and who carried it out? The PKK cannot undertake such an action without the US pressing the button. Domestically, the PKK is being purged. There is coercion here in this terror attack. I believe that this coercion comes from the United States,” the Aydınlık newspaper quotes the politician as saying. He added that the United States is making it clear, and it will again provoke terrorism in connection with some events in northern Syria, where Türkiye is conducting an operation against PKK militants.

“The conflict is not between Turks and Kurds”

United World International authors Mehmet Perinçek and Onur Sinan Güzaltan also made statements to the Russian news-analysis site PostNews about the PKK’s activities and its role in US plans.

It is not entirely correct to talk about this conflict as a confrontation between Turks and Kurds, said Turkish political scientist, doctor of historical sciences, Mehmet Perinçek. “This is a conflict between the Turkish authorities and the terror organization PKK. This is a terrorist organization that does not represent the Kurdish people. The Kurds, in turn, themselves suffer from the actions of this group,” he said in an interview with PostNews.

According to Perinçek, the actions of the PKK have deprived the Kurds of a stable life, and their relations with “brotherly peoples are in constant tension.” “That’s why not only the Turks, but also the Kurds themselves hate this group. Their future is part of Türkiye, Syria, Iran, Iraq,” he said.

“Ankara’s operations serve as a shield for the whole of Eurasia”

The expert is also convinced that the United States has a direct influence on the organization. “Washington wants to create the state of Greater Kurdistan, use it in the future as a puppet and a springboard against Türkiye, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, China, India – all Eurasian countries that represent anti-American barriers. These powers have traditions of statehood, a powerful army and great economic potential, which America definitely does not like,” he said.

The political scientist is confident that Türkiye’s long-term anti-terrorist struggle is aimed not only at preserving its own territorial integrity. “Ankara’s operations serve as a shield for the sovereignty of other neighboring countries, including Syria, Iran, Iraq, and for the security of entire Eurasia”, he explained.

“The PKK will neither achieve autonomy nor form a separate state”

Perinçek believes that Türkiye needs to “destroy the group, which is a pro-American terrorist nest.” “This can only be done in cooperation with neighboring countries,” he said. — If Türkiye, the Russian Federation, Iran, Iraq and Syria join forces, then they will be able to put an end to the PKK as a potential springboard for the United States, which is against all regional countries. These countries must simultaneously eliminate the forces – their armies can organize a joint operation against the PKK. It is then that the Kurdish issue will be considered resolved.”

The PKK will neither achieve autonomy nor form a separate state, Perinçek said. “Because without the help of the United States they will not be able to achieve anything, and the United States will inevitably lose its dominant role around the world, because a new multipolar world is now being created. Regional initiatives are merging, and not only in the Middle East, but also in the South Caucasus, the Far East, and Africa,” he concluded.

“Kurds living in Türkiye have equal rights with other citizens”

Turkish political scientist Onur Sinan Güzaltan expressed a similar opinion, noting that in recent years the PKK has lost its influence, and its original plan to violate Turkish sovereignty has changed to a more global one. “Today this organization mainly lives in northern Syria, where several American bases are located. Now the group is completely under American control, and their goal is not only to violate the territorial integrity of Türkiye, but also to undermine the sovereignty of Syria, Iraq and Iran,” he explained in an interview with PostNews.

The expert pointed out that during the period when Türkiye began to deepen bilateral relations with the Russian Federation, Iran and Iraq, the United States began to act against Ankara using the PKK and similar terrorist groups. “They are now based in northern Syria. And if tomorrow the Turkish and Syrian armies cooperate and conduct a joint military operation in this field, there will be no room left for the United States to use these terrorist groups,” he said.

Güzaltan, like Perinçek, drew attention to the fact that this is not about a conflict between Turks and Kurds, but exclusively about the confrontation between Türkiye and the PKK. He added that Kurds living in Türkiye have equal rights with other citizens. “They serve their state: they hold positions in administrations, participate in politics and join the army. Those people who want to learn the Kurdish language can do so calmly. In Türkiye there are generals and politicians of Kurdish origin, newspapers, TV channels and radio in the Kurdish language, and this is not a problem for the country. After all, Turks and Kurds have lived together for hundreds of years,” the expert concluded.

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