The true reason why Armenia appealed to the UN Security Council

The true reason why Armenia appealed to the UN Security Council

United World International author Mehmet Perinçek gave an interview to the Azerbaijani site Day.Az about Yerevan’s appeal to the UN Security Council with a complaint against Azerbaijan. We present the interview, published in Russian, to our readers translated into English.

The whole world recognizes that Karabakh is the territory of Azerbaijan. Even Armenia itself does not recognize the so-called “independence” of the Karabakh Armenians. Consequently, Armenia grossly interferes in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan, raising the issues of the Lachin corridor before the UN and preventing the reintegration of Karabakh Armenians into Azerbaijani society.

Well-known Turkish publicist and political scientist Mehmet Perinçek said this in an interview with Day.Az, commenting on Yerevan’s appeal to the UN Security Council with a complaint against Azerbaijan.

Armenia, our interlocutor stressed, is a party to the tripartite statement of November 10, this document bears Pashinyan’s signature. In accordance with this document, Armenia has certain obligations that it does not fulfill.

“Does Armenia want to accuse Azerbaijan of ‘genocide’? This is not a serious undertaking. It was the people of Azerbaijan who suffered the real genocide. On February 26, 1992, Armenians committed a crime against humanity in Khojaly, for which there is a lot of evidence and witness. Is there any evidence of ‘the genocide in Nagorno-Karabakh’ or of such intentions in Baku? Of course not. So the attempt of the Armenians is not serious. I do not think that the UN Security Council will seriously accept such an appeal from Yerevan,” the Turkish political scientist said.

According to Perinçek, Armenia is acting in this case not with its own mind, but at the prompting of its Western patrons. The Armenians themselves know that their appeal will not be granted, he believes. In fact, in this way they want to provoke Western capitals and Western public opinion against Azerbaijan. For the West and international organizations to try to find tools to interfere in the affairs of Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus.

“The Ankara-Moscow axis is able to ensure stability in the South Caucasus region, therefore, the Western patrons of Armenia are trying to sabotage this process. They need chaos in this region. Today we are on the verge of resolving this problem. Its solution will deprive the West of the opportunity to interfere in the affairs of the South Caucasus. Therefore, Yerevan is provoking the situation. It must fulfill a certain task set given them by their Western masters,” Mehmet Perinçek said.

Mehmet Perinçek

Historian and political scientist (Türkiye)

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