Latest Kosovo escalation shows just how ‘stabilizing’ NATO’s illegal presence is

Latest Kosovo escalation shows just how ‘stabilizing’ NATO’s illegal presence is

By Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

The last days of May saw a dramatic escalation of violence in the NATO-occupied Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia. The illegal narco-terrorist entity in Pristina tried to “enforce law”, as its frontman Albin Kurti stated, by imposing the will of 3% of the population that took part in the “election” (boycotted by the indigenous Serbs). The illegal vote, or as the Washington DC neoliberals would say “fair and legitimate election”, showed that the Serbs completely reject the so-called “government” imposed by a foreign (NATO) occupation force.

On May 29, the heavily armed “police” of the narco-terrorist entity tried to impose the ethnic Albanian “mayors” in Serbian-majority municipalities, but failed after local Serbs pushed back. However, after the heavily armed (and armored) Pristina henchmen failed miserably despite facing a completely unarmed crowd of protesters, they called the even more heavily armed NATO occupation troops to aid them in “enforcing law”. In other words, armed Albanians called on armed NATO troops to “save” them from unarmed Serbs. And yet, even then the local Serbs decided to take matters into their hands, quite literally, we might add.

In order to protect their vassals, the NATO-led KFOR (Kosovo Force) installed barbed wire and set up perimeters around all municipal buildings in which Pristina henchmen were hiding from the Serbs. KFOR initiated violent action against unarmed Serbian civilians in order to disperse the crowd. One of the Serbian representatives, Dragisa Milovic, deputy director of the local hospital, sustained severe injuries and was hospitalized. Heavily armed KFOR/NATO troops used stun grenades and tear gas, causing the gathered civilians to react, first barehanded and then armed with whatever they picked up from the battered KFOR enforcers.

That was when several “special police” henchmen of the narco-terrorist entity in Pristina deliberately discharged several shots from an automatic rifle in the direction of the gathered Serbs, striking Dragisa Galjak twice from behind, resulting in critical injuries. This prompted an angry response from the Serbs, who fought back even harder, albeit mostly barehanded. Worse yet, sniper rifles were spotted in several locations, as the “special police” directed them toward the gathered Serbs. KFOR soldiers did nothing to remove them, despite promises given to both the Serbian government and the locals that they will protect the Serbs and prevent Albanians from escalating.

The result was that at least 52 Serbs were hospitalized after sustaining injuries of varying degree, three of them severely wounded. At least 41 members of KFOR were injured, three of them seriously. It should be noted that NATO troops escalated the initially bloodless and largely harmless brawl into a nearly deadly clash by using batons and rubber bullets, as well as failing to prevent the Albanian henchmen from using firearms. This ended up backfiring as even more angered Serbs joined the protest in response to the escalating violence of both the occupation forces and their narco-terrorist clients.

Interestingly, the US ambassador in Pristina, Jeffrey Hovenier, announced that Washington DC was kicking the narco-terrorist entity out of the US-led “Defender Europe” military exercises, citing “concerns” over its treatment of the ethnic Serbs. This came after the US State Secretary Antony Blinken criticized one of their longest-running puppet regimes and blamed it for the rising tensions, a rather odd rarity as the belligerent thalassocracy has done everything in its power to ensure the area is forcibly taken from Serbia. Only later it was revealed that one of the illegitimate Albanian “mayors” refused to meet ambassador Hovenier. This likely resulted in a stark reminder from the US who actually rules Pristina, as the US embassy there is the true “government of Kosovo”.

“We have asked [Kosovar ‘Prime Minister’ Albin] Kurti to take steps toward reducing tensions in the north. He has not responded to these requests and we are analyzing what our other actions will be,” Hovenier said.

This is yet another proof that the US readiness to engage with the most radical groups to further its geopolitical goals is bound to backfire virtually every time. The illegal entity in Pristina was founded by a volatile mix of Islamic and narco-terrorists with close links to Al Qaeda and even ISIS in recent years. Washington DC itself has had them on its list of terrorist organizations until 1998. Only a year later, the US attacked Serbia (then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) to prevent the bogus “genocide” that never happened and in support of the Albanian terrorist group known as the KLA, which stands for “Kosovo Liberation Army” (UCK in Albanian). The KLA’s only goal was (and obviously still is) the ethnic cleansing of the Serbian province from any non-Albanian elements.

NATO has invested billions into dismantling former Yugoslavia, first by providing weapons and “advisors” to separatist forces in Croatia and Bosnia in the early 1990s and then directly attacking Serb/Yugoslav forces there in 1994 and 1995, in support of the ethnic cleansing campaigns against Serbs, primarily by Croat forces. However, this wasn’t enough for the political West, so they directly attacked Serbia proper in 1999, when NATO initiated an intensive 78-day bombing attack, dropping over 20,000 tons of bombs (equivalent to the payload of the “Fat Man” nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki) in over 40,000 sorties (several times more than against ISIS targets in the Middle East) that also include mass usage of depleted uranium.

In recent months, Serbia has come under tremendous pressure from both the US and EU to renounce Kosovo and Metohia, as the political West has been trying to secure its south-eastern flank during its aggression on Russia. The rising tensions have pushed Serbia to place its military on high alert several times since last year, including the deployment of its units closer to the contact line with the areas controlled by the narco-terrorist entity. The Serbian government has promised its citizens in the province that it will protect them and prevent yet another NATO-backed ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia.

This article was previously published on InfoBRICS here.

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