Intelligence source: The US intends to cut transatlantic data cables to prompt a NATO war against Russia

Intelligence source: The US intends to cut transatlantic data cables to prompt a NATO war against Russia

By Edvard Chesnokov

According to our sources in one of the European intelligences services, right now the US National Security Council prepares a major covert operation aimed to disrupt one of the elements of the world’s strategic infrastructure. It will put the blame for the disruption on the Kremlin and use such an occasion for the direct NATO involvement into the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Our sources reveal the codename of this large-scale operation, Typhoon — perhaps recalling the same title of the Third Reich’s mass offense attempted to seize Moscow in autumn 1941 during the WW2.

Another reminiscence might be a famous 2012 Hurricane Sandy which had disrupted multiple data cables in the US East Coast shallow water and caused a spike of internet outages globally; some of these shutdowns were repaired only days after. Probably the masterminds of the current Typhoon operation are the same staffers who had been working in the National Security Council under the Obama administration and have returned in 2021 with Biden’s cabinet.

Reflecting the 2012 Internet outage due to an Atlantic disaster, which has impressed the US authorities, their current Typhoon plan intends to cut major transatlantic communication cables: The high-speed Internet data wires tying Europe and America.

Being the main tool of modern global communications, the undersea wires are also the most insecure one. According to the Western think tanks’ reports, 97% of the world’s data transactions are committed by the submarine optical wires, which also provide $10 trillion financial operations per day.

On the other hand, special submarine vessels could easily disrupt the undersea cables. Since the mid-2010s, the Western media has been widely speculating amid mysterious Russian underwater machines ostensibly designed for such operations. The European and American newspapers paid great attention to various types of the Russian navy forces supposedly capable of performing such an underwater sabotage. In January 2022 — before the Russian-Ukrainian conflict — the UK military openly threatened Moscow that ‘cutting the transatlantic cables would be an act of war’. As if the Kremlin was the only actor able to use deep-sea submarines…

Moreover, it was the US that had committed the first such act in human history: in September 2022, NordStream, the sea pipeline connecting Russia and Germany, was blown by a series of underwater explosions.

This diversion, also designed by the US National Security Council, has several objectives. Firstly, the energy independence of Europe was weakened and the US has increased its yields, having doubled the supply of its natural gas to Europe in 2022. Secondly, the US was counting on the Russian retaliate actions which might have led to the full-scale world war.

Nevertheless, Russia did not retaliate to the Nord Stream sabotage, did not make direct aggressive moves against the US, and did not widen its presence in the conflict in the East of Europe.

To prompt any Russian reaction, the US has made an open confession in its involvement into the Nord Stream blow. In February 2023, Seymour Hersh, one of the most famous American investigative reporters, published his story with a step-by-step timeline of the US attack against the Baltic pipeline.

If we compare Hersh’s report with other leaks, we would find plenty of suspicions. Julian Assange and Bradly Manning, the whistleblowers who exposed other American crimes, have been brutally persecuted and imprisoned. Jack Teixeira — a young US airman reportedly leaked hundreds of Pentagon docs disclosing NATO failures at the Ukrainian campaign — was almost immediately identified, arrested, and trialed.

But, surprisingly, Seymour Hersh who has unveiled the largest White House’s crime ever, continues his activity and faces no problems in America. According to our sources, the reason is that the ‘Nord Stream sabotage confession’ was a part of the Washington game to prompt the Russian retaliatory aggression to intensify the European war.

Thereafter — in view that Moscow is unlikely to become a fish on this hook — the US intelligence is designing its next step, the Typhoon operation we’ve previously described.

According to the operation plan, after the cut of transatlantic data cables, Washington would immediately use all its media network to put the blame on Russia posing this underwater sabotage as Moscow’s ‘barbaric revenge’ to the Nord Stream blow.

Another variation of the plan could be cutting some other submarine ties like the South Atlantic Cable Link (SAIL), a 6,000-km optical wire connecting Cameroon and Brazil and developed by China Unicom, a Chinese state-owned enterprise. All the above-mentioned actors — Brazil, China, and African countries — maintain neutrality and do not join the Western restrictions against Russia. Thereby, according to the Typhoon plan, such a provocation along with exposing fake evidence of the Russian guilt might push the non-Western countries towards hostility against the Kremlin.

In any case, if this plan would be realized, Washington might have benefited. Firstly, it would create an excellent casus belli for the US and its European allies to intensify the war and directly get involved into the Russian-Ukrainian conflict while the latter is about to fail without further Western support.

Secondly, paying attention to the underwater cables’ insecurity would boost the interest and investments to its analogue, the currently developed US satellite Internet — Elon Musk’s Starlink is the well-known, but not a single commercial project among these American startups.

Thirdly, potential Interruption of global Internet and financial network would cause a trillions stock market fall — if you know about a future crisis, you can earn by the so-called short-selling — a financial tactics when the investor profits if the asset value drops.

And, generally, such a US’ provocation would ultimately label Russia as a ‘terrorist state’ — an excellent pretext to impose further anti-Russian sanctions, expel Russia from the UN and build up a united world front against such an artificially-fabricated enemy.

Sharing the info about the Typhoon plan, our sources among the European intelligence — inclined to remain unknown — are willing to avoid such a scenario which would obviously throw the Old World into a new World War for the US’ benefits as during the previous one.

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