Statement regarding the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria

Statement regarding the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria

To the global public opinion

One week has passed since the earthquake catastrophe that Türkiye and Syria have gone through. Experts say that this catastrophe was not only the biggest one in the last 100 years but one of the biggest in the last millennium.

The last week has displayed how Türkiye, with its nation, state and armed forces has joined hands and started a huge solidarity. There is no doubt in that the Turkish nation’s will and determination will be the main force that lifts the earthquake’s debris and reconstructs the region.

But taking the earthquake’s dimension and devastation, help is also accepted from a range of friendly countries from Azerbaijan to China, from Russia to Hungary. On this occasion, we would like to express our gratitude to these countries, where several of our experts originate.

Meanwhile, the catastrophe of the earthquake has once again shown the common destiny of Türkiye and Syria – not only in regard to strategic and political interests, but also concerning the struggle against natural disasters. Therefore, the process of reconciliation between Ankara and Damascus has gained even more importance, with any further delay becoming impossible. Turkish-Syrian cooperation is inevitable when it comes to clearing the earthquake’s devastation and reconstructing the region. On that occasion, we would like to express that we share our neighbor Syria’s pain and declare our solidarity with the Syrian people.

It is obvious that this earthquake will not only lead to tectonic ruptures but also to sharp geopolitical changes. Türkiye will heal its wounds by taking a more firm stand in the struggle for a multipolar world order and by determining its strategic positioning more clearly within the Eurasian camp.

It is obvious that the US and its so-called allies will not give up on their plans regarding Türkiye because of the earthquake. Quite the opposite, they will accelerate these. In that context, special attention needs to be directed on so-called humanitarian aid activities and provocations along the Turkish-Syrian border.   

But Türkiye and Syria have the strength, experience and international friends to overcome the devastation of this earthquake. With its research and analysis, United World International is ready to support developing strategies in regards to this process.

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