Chimeras manipulate Armenia

Chimeras manipulate Armenia

United World International author Mehmet Perinçek gave an interview to the weekly newspaper Kaspiy about the latest developments in the South Caucasus and the normalization process of relations between Türkiye and Armenia. We present the interview, published in Russian, to our readers translated into English.

Türkiye announced the start of the second stage of the normalization of relations between Türkiye and Armenia. The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News reported on this. According to the newspaper, Turkish and Armenian officials are discussing the start of air transportation of goods and the opening of the Alijan land border checkpoint before the end of the year.

Armenia’s special representative for the normalization of relations with Türkiye, Ruben Rubinyan also confirmed this information. According to Rubinyan, it is highly likely that Ankara and Yerevan will soon begin direct air transportation of goods.

This news, as expected, excited the Armenian expert community. Thus, economist Nairi Sargsyan stated that nothing positive should be expected from Armenia from air transportation with Türkiye: “Local producers will simply be ‘strangled’”.

Turkish historian and political scientist Mehmet Perinçek was asked to comment on the Armenian-Turkish settlement and normalization efforts.

The opportunity for peace appeared thanks to the victory of Azerbaijan

After the victory of Azerbaijan in the second Karabakh war, peace negotiations began not only between Armenia and Azerbaijan, but also between Armenia and Türkiye. True, in more than two years there has been little success…

– Yes, the results are not yet visible, and this is the merit of external forces – Western countries. Improving Armenia’s relations with Türkiye and Azerbaijan is not included in their plans. Their task is the opposite:  to kindle regional conflicts between our states. I am convinced that the only way to normalize the situation is to eliminate outside interference in our region.

The West provokes conflicts not only in the South Caucasus, but also throughout the world. And Armenia is a typical example, because the West has used it more than once. Let’s turn to history. During and after the First World War, the West used Dashnaks against Türkiye, Azerbaijan and even Russia. During World War II, Nazi Germany used Armenians against the USSR, etc.

The interview as printed in the newspaper

But now there is a very good chance for Armenia, which can follow its own path, start developing on the basis of regional cooperation. This opportunity appeared thanks to the victory of Azerbaijan; no matter how strange it may sound for the Armenian side. The Armenians have come face to face with reality and are no longer chasing chimeras. It was the chimeras who always manipulated Yerevan, which overestimated its strength and believed in the West. The defeat of Armenia in the war with Azerbaijan encourages the inhabitants of the country to stop living the chimeras that have caused so much harm to this country.

The settlement of Yerevan’s relations with Baku and Ankara will benefit Armenia itself – only on that way can they solve their social, political and economic problems. Armenians need to get rid of the “patronage” of the West, France and the European Union and prove their benevolent attitude towards Baku and Ankara. And for this, the Armenian side must recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and Türkiye, and not only in words. Yerevan should not hinder the provision of Azerbaijan’s sovereignty over its territories. Until this happens, there will simply be no normalization of relations between Ankara, Baku, on the one hand, and Yerevan, on the other. Let me emphasize once again: the Armenian-Turkish and Armenian-Azerbaijani settlement are interrelated processes.

The West for almost 30 years hampered the solution process

Recently, Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan met with the Managing Director of the European External Action Service Michael Siebert and discussed the normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations. What does the European Union have to do with this process?

The EU, of course, hinders the process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish and Armenian-Azerbaijani relations. The European Union is a tool for the West to interfere in the affairs of the South Caucasus. They engage in provocations and support revanchist forces in Armenia. And here the serious role of France is obvious.

In addition, the West, represented by the United States and the same France, being members of the OSCE Minsk Group, for almost 30 years hampered the solution process on the Karabakh settlement. So we should solve all the problems in our region by ourselves, and the 3 + 3 format (Türkiye, Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia) could be suitable for this.

We must look at the facts

You said that Armenian society is getting rid of chimeras. But public opinion polls and expert statements show that Armenia perceives Türkiye and Azerbaijan as a threat.

How reliable are these polls? Is this not manipulation by Western sociological services? We must look at the facts. Peace with Türkiye and Azerbaijan is beneficial to the Armenian people. And if there is such hatred towards the Turks, then what are 200,000 Armenian citizens doing in Türkiye? I emphasize that it is the citizens of Armenia, it is not about the Turkish Armenians living in our country. Republic of Armenia’s citizens work in Türkiye, send money to their homeland and do not feel any threat.

Moreover, the second Karabakh war of liberation showed that the Armenians do not want to fight and die for the lands that they do not consider their own. According to Armenian data, there were up to 40% of deserters in the armed forces of Armenia. If they want a war with Azerbaijan so much, then why did they run away from the army? Yes, and the results of the elections after the defeat of Armenia in the war clearly showed everything. The party of Nikol Pashinyan won, who lost the war. In another country, at best, he would be forced to leave the country. But Pashinyan then advocated the normalization of relations with Türkiye and Azerbaijan, and therefore won. In addition, in Armenia there was an attempt to stir up the situation, there were calls for a rebellion and a coup. Nothing succeeded. This shows the weakness of the revanchist forces.

The efforts of Ankara, Moscow and Tehran to find peace in the South Caucasus

Let’s move on to forecasts. This year, the peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia, most likely, will not be signed. It is also difficult to expect a serious breakthrough in Armenian-Turkish relations, given that these processes are interconnected. Will there be a result next year?

I can only express hope for this and assume that this is possible. After all, we already live in the conditions of the creation of a multipolar world. Ankara, in turn, is ready to normalize relations with Armenia, but on the condition that Yerevan respects the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and Türkiye. Here it is very important to combine the efforts of Ankara, Moscow and Tehran to find peace in the South Caucasus. Türkiye, Russia and Iran have already proved their effectiveness within the framework of the Astana process on Syria.

Mehmet Perinçek
Historian and political scientist (Turkey)

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