The friendship between Russia and Türkiye: Making history today and in the future

The friendship between Russia and Türkiye: Making history today and in the future

Doğu Perinçek, the Chairman of the Vatan Party (Patriotic Party), addressed the State leaders of the Russian Federation and the youth of Russia at the opening meeting of Russia’s new school year, held in Moscow on September 1, 2022. Perinçek gave a 45-minute opening speech on Türkiye-Russia relations at the traditional meeting held every year at the opening of the school year. Addressing the First Deputy President of the Russian Federation and high-ranking state officials, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Education and the Minister of Culture, Perinçek made the following speech:

          Dear First Vice President of the Russian Federation,

          Dear State Executives,

          Dear Young People,

I would like to thank you from the heart for giving me the floor as the Chairman of the Vatan Party of Türkiye at this traditional opening ceremony, which marks the first ringing of the school bell in Russia.

In fact, the first school bell rang this year with the assassination of Darya Dugina, not only in Russia but also all over the world. Darya Dugina, the star of Eurasia, is also a martyr of the Turks and a great loss for all humanity.

In the unforgettable scene of the great film director Eisenstein’s movie Alexander Nevsky, the bells were announcing the attack from the West. In her last appeal, Darya called on all humanity, and in particular, the Russian and Turkish nations, to “prepare for great challenges”. The first bell of the new school year is the call of Darya.

Those who submit to the given conditions see only difficulties in the challenges. We, the Russian and Turkish nations, on the other hand, have seen the revolutionary solution in the challenges and have come out of great difficulties with revolutions.

A new world is being formed.

We, Russia and Türkiye – together with countries like China, India and Iran – are at the forefront of forming the New World.

We have reached the end of the Atlantic Age. No violence, no terror, no war can save the Atlantic system led by the United States. This system has turned into a system that destroys human beings and even nature.

The Dollar Reign is collapsing. The bells are ringing for the US economy, which has been collecting tribute from the entire world.

Today, in the world, great, armed powers such as Russia, Türkiye and China have emerged to counterbalance the US armed power. The era of the US imposing its rule on the world at gunpoint is over. The US is being defeated everywhere and on every front.

Atlantic Culture is now giving humanity nothing but decay and corruption. The system, with the US at its center, is desperate in the swamp of individualism, selfishness, pessimism, drugs, violence and degradation of women. Just like the ruling classes of slave systems, it is in the dead-end that alienates human beings even from their gender by forcing men to become women and women to become men. The god of the Atlantic system is homosexual, just like the gods of Rome and Athens.

Under these conditions, humanity is on the threshold of a new civilisation. The rising Asian Civilisation is on the horizon of humanity. Asian Civilisation will not be a repetition of the imperialist Atlantic system. Humanity is opening the door to a Humanist, Populist, Libertarian and Peaceful civilisation in which National States are independent. The difficulties we are going through are the harbingers of great joys.

At present, Russia and Türkiye are on the front line of the armed war against US imperialism. Syria has been on this front for ten years.

The cooperation between Russia and Türkiye in terms of security and economy is imperative and on the strategic level. Both countries are threatened by US imperialism and are on the front line. The US is using its pawns against Russia and Türkiye.

 From the Caucasus and the Black Sea to the Eastern Mediterranean, the Strait of    Hormuz and even the Taiwan Strait, one single frontline has emerged.

Ukraine is Greece in the Black Sea.

Greece is Ukraine in the Mediterranean.

From the Caucasus and the Black Sea to the Eastern Mediterranean and the Sea of Oman, Russia and Türkiye share common interests in every field of struggle. Therefore, the solutions are also common.

NATO cannot be allowed to expand eastward, northward, southward. Russia’s struggle on this front is on behalf of all humanity.

Türkiye’s resistance to the US military bases established all along the Greek coast and to the threat of the US-Israeli-Greek navies in the Mediterranean is also in the name of all humanity.

Karabakh is Azerbaijani territory and was liberated from occupation with the contributions of Türkiye and Russia. Thus, peace has been established in the Caucasus with the Russian-Turkish cooperation. Georgia and Armenia must also join this peace settlement.

Crimea is a Russian territory.

The recognition of the Republic of Abkhazia and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as states is a necessity for peace and stability in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

In the new security conditions in the Black Sea, the Aegean, the Mediterranean, the Caspian and the Strait of Hormuz integrated, we have the opportunity to develop and consolidate the peace and security that we have implemented with Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Syria, in Syria and northern Iraq, in Karabakh, in Kazakhstan and in Libya.

We should open the TRNC’s Ercan Airport to Russian airplanes and its seaports to Russian ships. We should implement the necessary arrangements for the Russian financial capital that has left Greek Cyprus to come to TRNC banks.

Syria’s territorial integrity is a priority for peace in the region and the world. The elimination of US bases in Syria and northern Iraq is on the strategic agenda. The establishment of a second Israeli state in West Asia under the name of “Kurdistan” cannot be allowed.

Türkiye-Russia cooperation has created a model for peace and stability in our region. This model, which succeeded in Karabakh and northern Iraq, should be extended to other fronts with the participation of other countries in the region.

Today, the North of Syria is the Achilles heel of US imperialism. With the cooperation of Syria, Türkiye, Iraq, Iran and Russia, the separatist and fundamentalist terrorist organisations in Syria will be eliminated. US soldiers will return home and Syrian refugees from Türkiye and other countries will return to their homeland. Türkiye-Russia cooperation will also be effective in this context.

Golden Opportunities for Russian-Turkish Economic Cooperation 

Economic relations between Russia and Türkiye are of strategic importance. Consider that Russia has been Türkiye’s first trading partner in the period when Türkiye was part of the Atlantic system. This means that trade between us is essential and strategic. The sectors in which the two countries are developed are complementary for each other. Russia is indispensable for Türkiye’s energy security. Türkiye is Russia’s main supplier of agricultural and many industrial products. The economies of the two countries complement each other.

Cooperation has logistical advantages for both countries both in terms of time and costs.

Russia is advanced in science and technology and has a well-trained workforce. Türkiye, meanwhile, has entrepreneurial talent on a global scale. Taken together, we can understand the competitiveness of Turkish-Russian cooperation in global markets.

Moreover: Russia-Türkiye economic relations have entered the period of Golden Opportunities. The sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and some of its Western allies provide a fertile ground for Russian-Turkish economic cooperation. 

The sanctions against Russia, Iran and China are sanctions against Türkiye. We do not recognise these sanctions. By imposing sanctions on 41 countries, the US is actually imposing sanctions on itself. The motto of the day is clear: All the sanctioned countries: unite against the US!

The US sanctions against Russia offer extraordinary opportunities for Türkiye and Russia. By embracing the Golden Opportunities, the two brotherly countries can move towards the ultimate solution that changes the status quo in their own economy and security, and make a historical contribution to the establishment of the New World by influencing international balances.

In this context, we can summarize the programme at hand as follows:

  1. Russia and Türkiye can abandon the exchange of dollars and euros and instead organise the exchange of national currencies, the ruble and the Turkish lira.
  2.  Istanbul can be considered as a financial centre to establish Russia’s monetary relations with other countries of the world. US brokers in Türkiye had attempted to turn Istanbul into a “financial centre” within the US global financial system. No, Türkiye could not and did not become a station for global usury. But now Türkiye has the opportunity to become the financial centre of the Developing World. Thus, Türkiye will make a historical contribution, together with Russia, to the establishment of the banking system of the emerging New World. The banking system can be organised in a way to make Istanbul the centre of monetary traffic between Russia and the rest of the world. Türkiye can assume historical responsibilities in ensuring seamless trade and monetary flows between Asian and Western economies. Türkiye should join the money transfer system developed by Russia and China without delay.
  3. Türkiye should defend and realise freedom of trade, transportation and travel, against the US attempt to close its airspace to Russia. Istanbul and other Turkish airports can be considered as elements of a transportation network that enables Russia’s air traffic with the rest of the world.
  4. The export goods that Russia needs can be supplied from or through Türkiye. Russia can make arrangements to facilitate the purchase of fruits, vegetables and industrial products from Türkiye and to solve transportation problems through the Black Sea.
  5. Russia can offer priority to Türkiye in investment and contracting services. The food industry, glass industry, white goods, banking, personal care products, etc. are some of the leading sectors in which Turkish companies are investing in Russia. Investments in these fields are growing further today. New investments are also being planned in the health industry, petrochemical industry and energy production.
  6. Russian export goods can be transported through Türkiye. 
  7. Russia can contribute to the supply of diesel fuel, natural gas and gasoline to Turkish industry and agriculture on favourable terms. Cheap diesel fuel, cheap gasoline and cheap natural gas will further strengthen the sentiment of friendship towards Russia among Turkish producers. In addition, Russia’s technological cooperation with Türkiye in the field of nuclear energy is of strategic importance. Russia’s contribution to Türkiye’s energy security will strengthen cooperation between the two countries in every field.
  8. Defence industries of Türkiye and Russia could be developed in cooperation and thus their weapon needs can be met. Türkiye’s defence vehicles would be freed from NATO inspections and standards. In this regard, on February 18, 2021, I presented a proposal for cooperation between Türkiye and the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), the umbrella organisation of more than 80 companies in the Russian Federation, to the President of Türkiye. As you know, USC is engaged in the construction of all types of military and civilian ships in Russia, including submarines. Cooperation in the defence industry also includes the acquisition of high technology for Türkiye. Türkiye could offer its achievements in military technology such as UAVs and UCAVs to Russia’s defence needs. We have also presented to Mr. President Erdoğan the opportunities for the participation of Chinese capital in this cooperation.
  9. Türkiye’s tourism sector can meet the needs of the Russian people for recreation, sightseeing and culture on favourable terms. Ruble could be used as a means of payment for Russian tourists.
  10. Cybersecurity and IT security can be ensured with the cooperation of Türkiye, Russia and other friendly countries. Together with other Developing Countries, we can create an order that will ensure our public security against US-centered imperialist interventions and plots in the Internet field.
  11. It is Asia where science is flourishing today. Russia is also among the pioneers of developing science. We have a historical opportunity to get rid of the understandings of Western-centered science and technology, which is also alien to human.
    During the meetings and examinations conducted by the delegations of the Vatan Party and the Center for National Strategies in Moscow, we have concretely determined that we will achieve joint success with Russia’s science and technology studies.
    We saw that we could benefit from the new discoveries and inventions of Russian science and technology personnel, especially in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Gene Technology, Agricultural Productivity, Vaccines, Pharmacology, Early Diagnosis and Oncology.
    By organising joint studies with Russian scientific and research institutions, we could obtain new opportunities for scientific research and discoveries, and create a human-oriented breakthrough in science for both countries.
  12.  Together, we can build Asian Age Universities to nurture the human resources of the emerging Asian Civilization in the political, managerial, economical and cultural fields and train the leading cadres of the 21st century.

The “Golden Opportunity Meetings” organised by the Ministry of International Economy of the Moscow Government of the Russian Federation and Görev Holding on September 27th in Istanbul and 29th in Antalya will open a new phase in Türkiye-Russia cooperation. These meetings have already alarmed and frightened the “hot money brokers” of the global mafia. As patriots of Türkiye, we do not hesitate to challenge the US sanctions. There is a saying in Turkish: “Those who are afraid of iron should not get on the train.” We are not afraid of the bloody iron of imperialism, but they are afraid even of our free trade. Moreover, the all history is witnessing the strength of our iron.

Factor of Russian-Turkish Cooperation in the Last Two Centuries

The solidarity between the Russian and Turkish revolutions is among the main factors shaping world history in the last two centuries.

The 1905 Russian Democratic Revolution was followed by the 1908 Turkish Revolution of Freedom.

The 1915 Dardanelles Resistance of Türkiye against the British and French navies and land forces created the conditions for the February and October Revolutions of 1917 in Russia. When the British and French imperialists failed to save the Russian Tsardom, their ally, the Russian people overthrew the Tsardom and then succeeded in the October Revolution.

Thanks to the Russian Revolution, Türkiye got rid of one of the three imperialist enemies. Soviet Russia supported the Turkish Revolution led by Mustafa Kemal Pasha. The Turkish and Russian revolutions leaned on each other and in the 1930s, through nationalisation and national planning; they became the two fastest growing economies in the world.

After 1950, during the period of the rise of the Atlantic System, the Russian and Turkish revolutions began their descent together. And now both countries are on the threshold of a historical breakthrough as pioneers of the emerging Asian civilisation as the Atlantic system collapses.

The intermingling of Turkish and Russian tribes and the development of a common culture goes back to the Scythians. As the Russian poet Bloch said, “We are Scythians” and we challenge the barbarism of Western imperialism.

We are carrying the humanitarianism of Asia from the depths of history. Surveys conducted in Türkiye today show that the Turkish people love Russia and China the most. This love is not in vain. This love has not only contemporary, but also cultural sources from the past.

We are not selfish but sharing.

We are Mujik and Anatolian peasants. We are in love with our people and our land.

We are hardworking, self-sacrificing and we do not give up from difficulties.

We offer everything we have to the rising civilisation.

Russian-Turkish brotherhood is not a simple partnership in security and economy. It is a fountain of culture for building the humanist, populist, libertarian and peaceful civilisation of the future.

May the new school year of the Russian youth be bright and fruitful.

Best regards

NOTE: I would like to present the poem “Scythians” written by the Russian Poet Bloch a hundred years ago, which inspires the tomorrows, to the Russian Youth as the poem of the year 2022-2023.

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