The source of wars and conflicts in the world – it is time to define our position

The source of wars and conflicts in the world – it is time to define our position

Today, terrorism, radicalism and massacres are happening all over the world. New wars, conflicts and clashes are occurring.

It seems that some circles have an interest in producing and continuing wars in the world. Using religious beliefs, human rights and other similar reasons, conflicts are created between countries and peoples.

Looking back, we all recognize the powers and countries behind these conflicts. Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Middle East and Ukraine… I can extend this list. But this is not the topic of my analysis. In fact, I want to draw attention to the reasons and goals at the root of these conflicts.

The reasons are religious discrimination, the desire for independence of a small number of peoples, and economic resources. The goal is to seize control over these countries by disrupting the existing stability and rob their wealth.

It is strange that these problems do not exist in Western countries. Or is there no religious discrimination in the West?! Of course there is. The target is not just the West. Yesterday the target were Muslim countries, today the target is rising Asia.

The target is rising Asia

Today, there are think tanks in the USA and European countries that study China separately, and special institutes that examine Russia. There are separate research institutes that investigate Türkiye. Separate think tanks are conducting serious research today and study India, Korea and other countries.

Their goal is not to learn, spread and promote the culture of these countries. No one will believe that. Of course, their goal is to study these countries in depth and find their weak points, act in that direction and attack from that point. Today, there is no need to wage war with weapons. Brain warfare is more relevant today. Today, they use the card of Taiwan and Uygur Turks against China. Their goal is to slow China’s growing economic and political influence.

Today, by raising religious fanaticism in Arab countries, they create conflict between Muslim groups and make Arabs hostile to each other. The aim is to prevent the unity of the Arab world. Today, they are using political influence tools against Türkiye – they are waging a cold war against official Ankara based on human rights, fundamental freedoms and other reasons. Today there are plans to create a separate country from the lands of Türkiye.

As I said earlier, specific plans work against each target country. Radicalism and terrorism are used as means.

United Nations has no role and influence

Today, radicalism and terrorism occur in the world every day, every hour. Innocent people are killed every day. Today, the UN has become an institution without any role or influence – an organization where double standards are most often applied. Sometimes, taken decisions remain on paper for years, and sometimes they are implemented within hours. When it comes to Palestine, the decisions taken have not been implemented for years. But if the target is Iraq, Syria, Russia, China, Iran, Türkiye and other Asian countries, they are implemented immediately.

Countries that hold human rights as a flag in their hands are actually violating the rights of great countries. Today, Iraq’s rights are violated, but the world is silent. Today, Syria is destroyed, and the world is just watching. Today, Palestine is dying and being blown up every day, but the world is not talking about it.

It’s as if the reaction instinct of the world is out of order.

I speak today as a human rights defender, and I regret to say that the concept of human rights is already being used as a reason for wars in the world today. I wonder if the USA and its allies, who intervened in Iraq years ago because people’s rights are being violated in Iraq, think about the Muslims in Iraq today?

I wonder if the Western world, which makes noise that people’s electoral rights are being violated in Syria, knows how millions of Syrian refugees live today? Today, 5 million Syrians live in Türkiye. Their right to live comfortably in their own country, in their own home, has been violated. Who violated their rights?! We all know it well.

Years pass, old ones are forgotten, new scenarios begin. Today, the world is experiencing the Ukrainian crisis. No one thinks about Ukrainians anymore. The goal is to defeat Russia. Countries that seem to be the most democratic countries in the world no longer think about achieving peace in Ukraine. Western leaders have one goal – to prolong the war in Ukraine and defeat Russia.

Today, various scenarios are being written to destroy and disintegrate the Islamic Republic of Iran. Human rights, rights of minority peoples, fundamental freedoms and other similar issues have been raised. This time, they are trying to use millions of Turks living in Iran in this disgusting scenario. The goal is different – to drag Iran into a new war, to start a civil war inside Iran and to divide Iran.

Today, China is the target. Creating a new hotbed of conflict in Taiwan, upsetting the minority peoples living in China and starting a new war against the official Beijing. Of course, they don’t have the strength for it. But small steps are being taken in this direction.

And no one is insured against this. Yesterday it was Iraq and Syria and today it is Ukraine. Tomorrow it may be Iran and other countries.

The UN, NATO, OSCE, the European Parliament as the tools of USA

No human organization or mechanism exists to counter this trend. Today, the UN, NATO, OSCE, the European Parliament and other international organizations serve one purpose – to ensure the interests of the United States and Europe in the world.

And the world is rapidly moving towards armaments. Every country acquires modern weapons to defend itself. I would like to note with great regret that the power and influence of countries today is not measured by the standard of living and well-being of their citizens, but by the modern destructive weapons and military potential produced by that country. These weapons will come into play someday and the world will turn into a big war zone.

To prevent this, we must first promote peace, coexistence and science. I know this may sound ridiculous. But today, as a human rights defender, I want countries and governments to spend the money on science, education, culture and tourism, not weapons. Science and education should serve not to kill, but to live.

Ahmad Shahidov

Head of the Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights

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