“NATO’s enlargement is ‘Kurdistan’s’ expansion”

“NATO’s enlargement is ‘Kurdistan’s’ expansion”

The NATO summit in Madrid, Spain, keeps on fueling debates. United World International expert Mehmet Perinçek commented on the summit and its decisions in an interview to China Radio International Türkiye, CRI Türk.

UWI documents below the interview as published by CRI Türk.

Dr. Mehmet Perinçek commented on Türkiye’s withdrawal of its veto against Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership. “The problems between NATO and Türkiye are not of tactical but of strategic nature”, Perinçek said. Considering it a mistake to turn these problems into a matter of bargaining, Perinçek stated “In respect to the agreed compromise: This is no way a success. With this step, Türkiye is being pushed into serious problems and challenges.” Perinçek stated that the NATO enlargement will mean “the enlargement of the Kurdistan project”. 

Concerning the NATO enlargement, Türkiye has achieved a memorandum with Sweden and Finland and thus withdrawn its veto against these two countries membership. Moscow State University visiting professor Dr. Mehmet Perinçek has commented on the agreement, which Ankara presents as a diplomatic victory. Perinçek said “any step back from the veto will be a step back from Türkiye’s existential interests.”

“NATO’s enlargement is also against Türkiye”

Speaking in Mehmet Kıvanç’s radio program “Headlines”, Perinçek said the following: “The problems and conflicts between Türkiye and NATO are so deep that they never can be made a matter of bargaining. Tis is because they are related to Türkiye’s existential interests. Türkiye is today facing threats in Syria, in the Eastern Mediterranean, in Thrace and in the Aegean Sea. The country has also gone through a pro-American coup attempt on July 15-16, 2016. All these are existential matters for Türkiye. Türkiye had to keep its veto up, because NATO enlargement is not only related to Russia and China’s interests, but also with Türkiye’s. It also threatens Türkiye.”

Perinçek continued as follows:

“NATO’s enlargement, its growth means that South Cyprus will expand towards the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It will mean the expansion of the so-called Kurdistan towards the territory of Türkiye. It will mean the expansion of Greek forces, which are deployed on the Aegean islands in violation of international law, towards Türkiye. NATO’s enlargement will threaten Türkiye also more in Thrace. It will mean more US military bases in Greece. It will mean the encirclement of Türkiye from the Black Sea.”

What is the purpose of the group of five in the Indian Ocean?

The United States have in the last week established an unofficial group called Partners in the Blue Pacific (PBP) with Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and some island countries.  

Perinçek commented on the strategic purposes of this initiative: “Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Britain have declared a strategic cooperation in the Indo-Pacific with the purpose of “stopping Chinese expansionism”. In that sense, we can state that the Atlantic System has decided to target two main forces: One is Russia, the other is China. But one has to add Türkiye to that list too. Although Türkiye is officially a NATO member, it is being targeted by this military alliance. If we take a look at Syria, we see that truth in the fact that NATO supports the terror organization of PKK/PYD. If we take a look at the Eastern Mediterranean, we see how they try to limit and imprison Türkiye to its coastline concerning its maritime rights. We observe that US military bases in the Aegean Sea target Türkiye. NATO’s expansionism will continue to target Russia, China and Türkiye in the days ahead.”

Saying that the United States’ strategy against Russia and China also contradicted European interests, Perinçek stated “the policy of hostility against Russia will harm first and utmost Europe. One should not expect that the US permit in the NATO any progress for those members, whose competition against itself it is trying to impede. And one also should not expect the European economy to permit that policy of hostility.”

What is the strategic goal of the US in Kaliningrad?

Perinçek also commented in the coming phases of the Ukraine crisis, stating that the fate of the clashes will be determined in the Donbass front. According to Dr. Mehmet Perinçek, the United States wants to broaden the conflict front in Europe:

“They tried to push Moldova into the conflict. Their main goal was to prevent Russia from focusing on the Donbass, to achieve that Moscow disperses its forces over a wide area and even succeeding in provoking a Russian attack on Moldova. The Ukrainians and the Americans know this fact very well: Once the Donbass region fully falls into Russian control, Odessa and Kyiv inevitably will follow, because Ukrainian forces are now fully concentrated on the Donbass. If their resistance there is crushed, this will cause a domino effect. Therefore, the United States tries to distract Russia’s attention from there to other places and to divide Russian forces. They tried this using Moldova, but did not succeed. Now, they are trying to create a new area of conflict over Kaliningrad and realize a plan to broaden the clashes beyond the borders of Ukraine. But one has to see that unless it is attacked directly militarily, Russia will not broaden the area of conflict and clashes.”

Perinçek added that after the Donbass, Russia will continue its operations in whole Ukraine in order to capture the forces it considers as “Neo Nazis”. He said that knowing that, the United States was currently staging a new game over Lithuania.

Mehmet Perinçek

Historian and political scientist (Türkiye)

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