“The US is dragging the world into a bigger war in order not to loose Eurasia”

“The US is dragging the world into a bigger war in order not to loose Eurasia”

On the NATO summit in Madrid, a trilateral memorandum between Türkiye, Sweden and Finland was agreed upon. The two Scandinavian countries ensure to support Türkiye’s efforts in counterterrorism and lift arms emborgoes against Ankara, while Türkiye in exchange retracts its veto against their NATO membership.

United World International expert Onur Sinan Güzaltan commented on the agreement in various interviews, he has provided to international media, among others to Russia Today.

Here are the main questions and Güzaltan’s answers.


Why did Türkiye retract its opposition to Sweden’s and Finland’s admission to NATO? What was the reaction to the retraction in Türkiye?

While evaluating this decision of the Turkish government, it should not be forgotten that Türkiye is in the election process. In about a year later, presidential and parliamentary elections will take place. And all the while, the West is pressuring the Turkish government in politically and economically.

Another aspect is that the Turkish government follows a pragmatic foreign policy, labeled as “policy of balance”. This agreement is a product of this policy.

But one has to keep in mind that the Turkish parliament has to approve this decision of the government. And it is not certain that Sweden and Finland’s membership in NATO and the according memorandum will pass the parliament.

My personal opinion is that NATO enlargement is definitely against Türkiye’s national interests.

What might be behind its drastic U-turn? Can it be the result of pressure by external forces?

Türkiye has been a member of NATO since 1952… NATO is not only a military coalition, but also a political, economic and cultural alliance. It is not easy to get rid of its influence.

Only a force that is ideologically opposed to NATO can get out of this alliance.

Unfortunately, the government in Türkiye continues its policy of balance between NATO and Asia. And this memorandum is result of this policy.

What side was likely to make a concession? 

It is not enough for Sweden and Finland to commit to cut their support to PKK and FETO.

The US, the leading country of NATO, has been supporting these organizations for years. US even support the establishment of a state belonging to these terrorist organizations on the borders of Türkiye.

The existence of NATO poses a threat to Türkiye. Therefore, there is no need to talk about a concession.

Türkiye, Finland and Sweden have signed a memorandum that addresses Türkiye’s concerns, including arms exports and the fight against terrorism. Should Ankara be happy about the deal? 

This agreement is the project of the US. The concessions made by Sweden and Finland do not matter. The United States is the force that threatens Türkiye through Greece, Syria and the north of Iraq. Today, Greece has become a US military base against Türkiye.

The same US organized and supported the military coup attempt in Türkiye in 2016. NATO is just one of the tools of the US.

The Turkish people will only be happy if Türkiye leaves NATO.

How do you see the situation to unfold after the last obstacle to the nations’ admission to the alliance has been lifted? 

Barriers still exist. I think that Croatia and Hungary are also against these memberships. In addition, as mentioned previously, this decision is still awaiting the approval of the Turkish parliament.

Despite the impositions of the US before, the Iraq bill – the allowance for US troops to pass through Turkish territory in 2003 to attack Iraq – was not approved by the Turkish parliament back then.

What consequences do you expect to see following the nation’s admission to NATO?

The United States provoked the Ukraine war to sever ties between Europe and Russia. Thus, he prevented the integration of Eurasia.

Their long-term goal is to create areas of instability in the regions and fields where China and Europe could come together. Ukraine is one of them.

They want to provoke a similar one between Türkiye and Greece. In this way, they sever the connection points between Europe and Asia.

The peoples of Europe should wake up. People in Paris, Berlin and Brussels should react to their governments, which have become vassals of the US. The US is dragging the world into a bigger war in order not to lose Eurasia.

Onur Sinan Güzaltan
Onur Sinan Güzaltan was born in Istanbul in 1985. He had his Bachelors's degree in Law, from the Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne Universty /Paris XII and a Master's degree in International and European Law. He got his certificate of diploma equivalence at Galatasaray University. Later, he got a Master's degree in International Trade Law, at the Institut de Droit des Affaires Internationales, founded jointly by the Sorbonne Universty and the Cairo Universty. In this process, he had served as the Cairo representative for the Aydinlik Newspaper. He has several articles and television streams within the international press, in such as People's Daily, Al Yaum, Al Ahram, Russia Today FranceAl Youm Al Sabea. In addition to being the author of the Tanrı Bizi İster Mi?, a work that studies the 2011-2013 political period in Egypt, he had also contributed to the multi-author study titled Ortadoğu Çıkmazında Türkiye, with an article that focused on the Turkish-Egyptian relations. While currently working as a lawyer, he also writes a weekly column for Aydinlik Newspaper on the subject of international politics and geopolitics.

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