Prime Minister WHO?

Prime Minister WHO?

Everyone had known it had to come to this someday. Each change can be an opportunity for something new – but this particular one always causes stormy discussions, conflicts, the carousel of candidates turns faster and faster. The closer to the end of the year – the more Britons live by this one question: who will be the new Doctor WHO?! Oh, and apparently the Prime Minister can also be replaced.

Don’t you think he looks tired?

But how could Boris Johnson, who leads the largest Tory majority since Margaret Thatcher beat Labour in 1980 – leave? Well, we also know the answer to this question from the cult British series. When the Doctor, the Time Lord of Gallifrey, protecting the Earth from hordes of aliens, obviously invading mainly the UK – once wanted to get rid of the British Prime Minister, he whispered in her ear: “I can bring down your government with just six words”. The politician, of course, shrugged her shoulders, but the Doctor approached her assistant and, pointing to the Prime Minister, whispered in her ear: “Don’t you think she looks tired?”. According to his own background – Boris Johnson has just started to look very tired…

Revolution without revolution

And this is a much more serious problem for the current cabinet than the internal party opposition or even the voices of dissatisfaction from some part of the electorate. Although the 99 conservative MPs voting against the COVID passports look spectacular, it is much less significant resistance than aroused under the conditions of a weaker majority, whether against the war in Iraq (139 rebels under the Labourers) or against Teresa May’s BREXIT (118 rebels). In addition, the point is that the rebellions on the right are intended to strengthen the main line of the Conservative Party rather than weaken it.

Apparently, there is no real threat, and things are going according to plan – so-called BREXIT did not meet with hopes of its supporters and a significant part of the fears of its opponents. Nobody knows what the EU is left for, since the French are still fishing in British fisheries, and British fishermen are forbidden to do the same (even BREXIT-supporters suddenly remembered the negligible 3.5% share of fishing industry in British GDP). Also, energy prices are rising in the same way as in the EU, because leaving it did not equal leaving the EU ETS. On the other hand, the temporary problems with the fuel supply are over. The shops are full again, before Christmas there were no lack of turkeys, Brussels sprouts, nor pigs-in-blankets (little sausages wrapped in bacon). So that is… how it was. Because even the biggest expectation of change – always comes down to leaving everything as it is. And what would be better than leaving the proven old clown Johnson in the front? But yet…

Hindu-British Macron and a parody of Le Pen

But yet his heir is discussed. Although like within a conclave: whoever enters as the next pope – will almost certainly leave it as a cardinal. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been the obvious infant for months. Even the revived famous satirical puppet series “Spitting Image” emphasizes that this 41-year-old son of Indian immigrants from East Africa simply “f… with love” and is the only one to arouse in the Brits silent admiration for worsening their life conditions. He is also, of course, pro-COVID, centrist, full of compromise and goodwill to everyone, from the opposition to the EU. In a word, he is an almost perfect candidate for the British Obama, announced by the appearance of the Hindu Master, i.e. the main protagonist of Doctor WHO. But maybe Britain has already grown up to a supposedly minority, equality Prime Minister – who is from A to Z a product of a financial system?

From Disraeli to Sunak… The Conservative Party, however, would not be itself if it had not left an alternative while flirting with its own right wing. British Red Necks are to be represented by Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary. Another top student and ideally nondescript politician but held mainly satisfy the fantasies of BREXIT supporters. Suitable anti-EU, enemy of LGBT “excessive privileges”, non-COVID one. She waves the banner of Toryism to anyone who might doubt that also this one, exactly like previous Conservative Governments – is not particularly attached to its promises. Both the identity ones and those ensuring that the tide will eventually lift all ships in the end. Finally, as some say in the UK, if someone votes for the Tories, he must be either a billionaire – or an idiot. And it’s good to check an account to know which category you belong to…

Prime Minister? President? Who cares…

And in the background, somewhere far behind Truss’ supporters – there is also Dominic Cummings. Yes, THIS Cummings, hailed as the creator of BREXIT (as if it has not been just a result from the natural needs of the Britons), as well as the creator of Johnson’s Government (ignoring his birth and the Etonian past). How it’s liked to be called in the UK – Cummings lost the fight for access to Johnson with Carrie Symonds (the current Mrs. Johnson). However, these are tales that excite lovers of the tabloid press. Gray eminence becoming a figure of pop culture – after all, loses the chance of exerting a real influence. So if a media fetish like Cummings is on someone else’s side – it is a sign that we are dealing with a distraction operation.

So what is it really about? Johnson’s resignation has been expected almost every day of 2020. The Macronisation of British politics now personalised by Sunak – also have seemed to be a matter of time for years. The threat of the right rebellion has never been more than a path than the establishment uses to manage politics, including the frontbenchers of all major parties. That is why really who is the current British Prime Minister does not matter more than who is the frontman of the elite in Washington today.

Prime Minister? Prime Minister WHO?

Konrad Rękas
Political expert, geopolitical analyst (Poland)

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