The end of globalization, the rise of multipolarity and the position of Turkey

The end of globalization, the rise of multipolarity and the position of Turkey

As United World International previously reported, the Mexican Labor Party has convened to its 25th international congress “Political Parties and a New Society” on 21-23rd of October 2021 in Mexico City.

UWI experts Dr. Mehmet Perinçek and Yunus Soner were also invited to the congress with a participation of more than 200 delegates from political parties of Latin America and the world.

On behalf of the Turkish Vatan Party, Mehmet Perinçek proposed a resolution and held a speech on the congress.

Below UWI documents the resolution, which was accepted by the congress, and the speech by Perinçek.

The spanish translation of the speech can be read here.

The end of globalization, the rise of multipolarity and the position of Turkey

The world is approaching the end of the liberal-globalist system. This has also been demonstrated by the coronavirus pandemic. We observe the failure of this system most importantly in the following three points:

Bankruptcy of neoliberalism

Firstly the era of the politics of laisser faire is over. In the fight against the pandemic, those countries, where the state has strong influence on the economy, have achieved success. Those countries that were fully dominated by liberalism meanwhile were forced to regress back to central government intervention.

To state it more clearly: facing the coronavirus, the governments themselves had to declare the bankruptcy of the free market. Governments pursued heavy and fundamental interventions into the market economy. They have nationalized huge private debts by introducing giant emergency budgets. They have taken private credits under state guarantee. They have introduced huge stimulus packages for the economy and even neglected the basic liberal principle of liberty of contract by prohibiting lay offs. Governments worldwide have transferred on various ways approximately a total of 8 trillion dollars to the economy, according to IMF estimates.

In other words, facing the economic crisis accelerated by the pandemic, almost all governments worldwide have taken initiative and intervened directly. They did not rely on the market forces to heal themselves.

The state-led and public dominated economic system has become an imperative worldwide. Even traditional defenders of the free market such as the IMF feel obliged to support these governmental interventions.

State intervention was also observed in the development of vaccines against the Coronavirus, by both government investment in research and fastened approval process.

The second point where the liberal-globalist system has failed is the issue of borders. The “ideal” of a world without state borders and tariff walls has ended.

With the coronavirus, borders between states have begun to be reinforced. In Europe, no one less than the French President, Macron, declared that the Schengen system might have come to an end. Even Western capitals express clearly that nationalism and the nation-state will rise again in the future.

This rise is of course accompanied first and utmost by a limitation of the free circulation of capital. Therefore, these re-erected borders mean that tariff walls are build up at the same time. Today, being a national and self-sufficient economy has become the most important target.

The third point where the globalist system has crushed down is the bankruptcy of neoliberalism and failure of the idea of endless freedom in society. The disciplined societies have achieved success in the struggle against the pandemic. The Soros’ idea of “open society” and the “left”-liberal wave were imposed globally since the beginning of the 1990s. Both have suffered a great defeat now. The need and presence of a strong, regulative and protective state is felt with great urgency. The social systems, where everyone is responsible for himself, or as a Turkish saying goes, “where every lamb is hanged on its own legs”, have suffered a great implosion. The worth of social solidarity has become once again evident. It became obvious that individualism and that cannot overcome the current pandemic; only the survival of all enables the survival of the individual.

At this point it is worth to underline that the system’s crisis did not result from the coronavirus. The current system is based on relationships of mafias and sects. It is disconnected from real production and instead relies on rent and an economy of cheat. It is a system that runs with money from arms’ and drug trade. And this system was in a chronic crisis anyway. The pandemic just uncovered the current contradictions, made them more visible and has accelerated the crisis process. The world was going to face this crisis anyhow, with or without coronavirus. 

The emerging new world order

While the liberal-globalist system goes bankrupt, a multipolar world is being constructed at the same time. The unipolar world dominated by the US especially since the 1990s is coming to an end. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan is the latest and most important proof of this. Countries like China, Russia and even Turkey appear in face of the US as a different, opposing pole. Eurasia does not only develop centers of political resistance. The world economy’s focus moves from the Atlantic to the Pacific, as even Western economists admit.

Countries are developing alliances and systems of regional cooperation, from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to the BRICS, from the RCEP to the MERCOSUR and the CELAC. Here especially regional economic cooperation and regional free trade agreements take the lead.

But these developments are not limited to the US or the adversary camp. An important split occurs also within the Western system, within the Atlantic Camp itself.

The US and Europe are deeply alienated and divided. Europe today presents itself as a separate pole. Europe quits following the US line. There is also profound conflict and division within the NATO, which is the Western systems’, Atlantic Camp’s or the unipolar world’s strongest military force.

The establishment of a European military force independent from the NATO is being discussed widely. More importantly, we can state that the NATO countries do not have a shared perception on who’s the enemy, thus resulting in every member whistling a different tune. Besides, one has to remember that the currency Euro was established by Europe against US-Dollar domination.

Turkey’s struggle against US imperialism

Dear comrades,

In parallel with these developments, I would like to give the good news that Turkey will play a leading role against the US hegemony in the Eurasian geography. Turkey has come opposed the USA in many regions and is no longer yielding to Washington’s impositions. In spite of being de jure member of NATO, Turkey is facing NATO threats especially in Syria and Eastern Mediterranean.

The Eastern Mediterranean has become one of the frontlines in the ongoing geopolitical polarization. This polarization in the region is not only between Turkey and Greece: the conflict is mainly taking place between the Eurasian and the Atlantic camps.

On the anti-Turkish front, the major powers of the Atlantic camp have united, including the United States, Israel, France, Greece, and Southern Cyprus. There is no doubt that their military operations and the competition for gas explorations in the region are targeted against Turkey, but it is also clear that they don’t target Turkey alone.

The main goal of the Atlantic camp is to enclose Turkey in a small region and to make Ankara kneel, as well as to open the doors of Eurasia to realize their colonial interests.

Turkey, on the other hand, is standing tall at the gates of Eurasia. It should be underlined that Turkey does not only defend its own national interests, but it also acts in the name of the security and prosperity of all the Eurasian geography. Therefore, the plans and activities of the anti-Turkish front in the Eastern Mediterranean threaten Eurasia as a whole.

In this respect, the sovereignty of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus limits the Atlantic’s attack on Eurasia. US dominance in the Eastern Mediterranean will cause the US threat to be felt more acutely everywhere. For this reason, the recognition of the TRNC is a necessity of the struggle against the hegemony of the USA. I am making this call from this podium.

Turkey is also facing US aggression in Syria. The US supports both fundamentalist and separatist terrorism here. The only principle in the solution of the Syrian problem is the territorial integrity of Syria. Syria’s territorial integrity is Turkey’s territorial integrity. Any area that would disrupt Syria’s territorial integrity would be a springboard for the United States against whole Eurasia.

In this respect, the military and political duty loaded on regional governments by their objective interests is quite clear: the liquidation of every element that disrupts the territorial integrity of Syria. Today, it is clear who these elements are: the fanatical terrorist groups such as the Heyet Tahrir el Şam–previously El Nusra based in Idlib, and the separatist terror groups settled in the east of the Euphrates River, as PKK/PYD. Both are backed by the US and they are both cooperating with each other.

Hence, from the point of view of regional countries, Idlib and the east of Euphrates River should be handled as a single front. The presence of one is feeding the other. If we were to express in reciprocal terms, the collapse of one is the prerequisite for the collapse of the other. Ankara, Damascus, Moscow, Tehran and Baghdad, cannot have the liberty to favor any one of them. Cleaning some cancerous cells and leaving others will not cure the disease. In fact, it even creates the danger of the disease to spread to other places in the future.

The interests are common, the solution is simple, details and timing can be discussed. The issue is urgent, gaining strength of the fanatical and separatist terror groups and sabotaging of relations of neighboring countries by USA should not be allowed.

Turkey gives the greatest support to the resistance of Latin American countries by disrupting the Atlantic plans in the Eastern Mediterranean and the “Kurdistan” project of the USA. We also watch the struggle of Latin America from Turkey with great admiration. Latin American resistance is the struggle of all Eurasian countries, including Turkey. The souls of Bolivars, Benito Juarez’, Fidel Castros, the souls of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Lenin and Mao live in one body.

Time for courageous steps

Dear comrades,

The Atlantic Era is over, how much ever Biden wishes to continue expansionist policies. Whether Biden or someone else govern there, the times when the U.S. could do as it wishes are over. For sure, being prepared, developing regional alliances against imperialist intervention is another, still valid matter, but the main argument is that the U.S. is not a country to be afraid of anymore. Even if it is governed by Biden…

For those who face American threats, courageous steps should replace the fear from the Atlantic. For our countries, the time has come to be braver. These courageous steps and the resistance of the front against the Atlantic will further deepen the contradictions with the U.S. and strengthen the frictions. Present days give to us great opportunities. Additionally, the multipolar world offers new and broad alliance opportunities. No body is alone here. It is time to wake up from both, the American Dream and the American Nightmare.

Mehmet Perinçek

Historian and political scientist (Türkiye)

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