New documentary on the US: “The Dying Empire”

New documentary on the US: “The Dying Empire”

In very contested elections that even turned violent with the assault on the Congress, the US has carried Joseph Biden to government. Is “America back”, as the US president frequently claims or are we witnessing the decline of an empire?

The Turkish TV Channel Ulusal Kanal has searched for the answer of this question in a newly published documentary titled “The Dying Empire”.

United World International expert Yakup Aslan directed the documentary, advised by UWI expert Mehmet Perinçek. Several UWI experts such as Micaela Ovelar, Fabrizio Verde contributed in interviews, alongside other experts as the Chairman of the Vatan Party, Dr. Doğu Perinçek, retired Admiral Cihat Yaycı, Prof. Mehmet Yuva from Damascus University and Prof. Foad Azadi from Tehran University.

The documentary “The Dying Empire” with English subtitles

The documentary has been aired in the Egyptian TV Channel Al Fagr news – being the first Turkish documentary aired in Egyptian press since a long time. Egyptian press also widely reported on the documentary.

Director Yakup Aslan commented on the purpose of the documentary as follows: “We are witnessing the end of a hegemony in West Asia. Our interview partners from all over the world have described their impression of the current state of affairs for the American empire, and they confirm our observation of US decline worldwide. At the same time, we have tried to show based on interviews and documents the Biden administration’s and the American deep state’s plans and moves to change politics and government especially in Turkey.”

The documentary displays interviews the US policy in the Eastern Mediterranean, Washington’s support for the terror organizations PKK/PYD in Turkey and Syria and its intention to create a Second Israel labeled ‘Kurdistan’ in detail and by using documents.

Comparisons between the Trump and Biden administrations, the US policy on Latin America, Washington’s stance towards Palestine, the developing relations between the European Union and China, US attempts to block the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany are other topics which the documentary touches upon.

The documentary has received great international interest and will be aired soon in Russia and Iran.

A version with Arabic subtitles
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