58 political parties from 48 countries gathered together to “build a new world”

58 political parties from 48 countries gathered together to “build a new world”

58 political parties from 48 countries gathered together to “build a new world”

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has invited to a “World Symposium for Marxist Political Parties” on May 27th, 2021. 58 different political parties from 48 countries, ranging from Chile to Egypt, Turkey to Nepal attended the symposium, where 70 representatives participated.

Leaders of Marxist parties from the 6 continents have emphasized that Marxist thought is one of the humanities most valuable jewels. Different leaders said that old differences and frontlines have been overcome, opening the path for the political parties to enter a process of unity. Several party leaders and country representatives welcomed the CPC’s well thought and ideologically leadership.

During the symposium, participants distinctively rejected dogmatism, emphasizing, “Marxism is a living theory”. Instead of references to the past, solutions for contemporary problems that humanity faces were on the agenda. 

Several Marxist party leaders presented their experiences and political practices. Different leaders expressed that “Marxism has guided the progressive forces world wide, that intend to build a better world, that want to liberate the whole humanity, realize social equality, and justice”. 

Message by Xi, opening speech by the CPC, closing speech by Turkey’s Vatan Party

The Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent a congratulations message to the symposium. Xi’s statement, as published by the CPC, was as follows:

“Xi Jinping noted that Marxist science, which is a powerful weapon of thought to know and transform the world, reveals the law of human society’s development, points out the road for humanity to seek liberation, and has facilitated the process of human civilization. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC. Marxism was established as a guiding ideology since the day the CPC was founded. Since then, the CPC has been combining Marxism with China’s reality and adapting Marxism to China’s conditions in keeping up with the times and increase its appeal to the people. Marxism is radiating new vigor and vitality in the 21st century of China. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. And China has embarked on the new journey towards great national rejuvenation.”

“Xi Jinping stressed that as for the common challenges humanity faces, the world Marxist political parties need to enhance dialogue and communication. The CPC stands ready to jointly promote the cause of human progress and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind with Marxist political parties worldwide. Xi Jinping hoped that participants of the symposium will pool wisdom, spark ideas, and strive for new development of Marxism in the 21st century as well as let Marxism continue to emanate brilliant rays of truth on our way forward.”

The Minister of the International Department of the CPC, Song Tao has held the opening speech. Song said the following:

“China has in spite of severe pressures insisted on the path of socialism and succeeded. The reality has proven that Marxism is not a theory of the past, but a theory that enlightens the contemporary and coming times. China represents the Marxism of the 21st century. We are fighting for the liberation of humanity and thus for a world free of repression and classes, where all are equal. By saying that “the people is the government”, Chairman Xi has shown China’s position here. The Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Thought has developed this theory further. During the CPC government in the last 70 years, on average 10 million people have been lifted annually from poverty. China has achieved its goals in the struggle against poverty 10 years ahead of schedule. The struggle against poverty continues in a historically unprecedented way.”

Song continued:

“Xi says that the world’s countries need to have their destinies in their own hands and that countries should unite against international difficulties. Facing the global climate change, China has promised to lower CO2 emissions to the minimum until the year 2060. This shows China’s love for humanity. Spring comes not when one flower blooms but all flowers bloom. Here, the relations between the CPC and all Marxist parties need to be developed further. Those who carry virtue won’t stand alone. We need to keep the flag of Marxism up high without changing its essence. We need to act for our own people’s happiness, for the world’s liberation and for global peace. The CPC defends the equality of all political parties without distinction.”

“Let us unite against the new Cold War”

Referring to the global order, Song stated the following:

“Relations need to be established based on independence, equality, mutual respect and non-intervention into domestic affairs. The CPC is ready to develop communication and cooperation further. We need to unite and stand together against the new Cold War. The world demands justice, it does not demand hegemony. It wants to progress, not to regress. Let us reject all kinds of new cold wars and prevent the world from being divided again. The lonely one runs faster, but the one who has friends runs further.”

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation: “China has not committed our mistake”

The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), Gennady Zyuganov also held a speech on the symposium, starting with the words “The Communist Party of the Russian Federation salutes the brotherly Communist Party of China”. Zyuganov declared that the world needs radical changes and that the peoples of all countries desire a fully renewed international order and system. Zyuganov stated the following:

“China continues to develop Marxism-Leninism further in a creative way. The CPC actively supports the lifting of peoples’ living conditions and progress of social standards. This provides a valuable experience for the global socialist movement. The people of the world turn their eyes full of hope towards China. China has learned from our mistakes during the Soviet Union and carries socialism in the 21st century further ahead.”

CP of Chile: The US hegemony is fading away

The representative of the Communist Party of Chile said “Following World War II, the IMF and the World Bank has enabled the US hegemony. The US hegemony strengthened even further when the Soviet Union dissolved itself. But today, the rise of China on the international stage and other developments slowly but surely fade away US imperialism”. The representative continued:

“The US government considers Latin America as its backyard. They have imposed military sanctions on the legitimate governments of Venezuela and Nicaragua for years, but have not succeeded. China’s success in fighting the pandemic and finishing poverty has called the whole world’s attention. China has discovered the Socialism With Chinese Characteristics and provided humanity with the opportunity to build a new world. China will no doubt constitute a point of reference in the new times for all countries searching for a path to development. The Belt and Road Project for a new future for humanity is without doubt a very great enterprise. Chile had started during Salvador Allende’s government the construction of Chilenian Marxism, and Chile never has abandoned the construction of socialism. Recently, our country tries to renew the constitution inherited from the Pinochet Era. Our party has achieved the second most votes in local elections. We are rejecting neoliberal policies categorically. We are very willing to use the opportunities the Belt and Road offers. 100 years have passed since the foundation of the Communist Party of China. The CPC trusts in the people and develops the principles of Marxism further by relying on its own realities. Today, the need for a change in the principles of socialism is higher then before.”

Syrian Communist Party: lets join hands against US imperialism

The representative of the Communist Party of Syria has stated “the US and its allies are starting wars and conflicts. The world’s countries on the other side are learning from each other and serving the common interests of humanity, struggling to prevent war and achieve peace. Let us join hands against war”.

The Belarus Communist Party: Belt and Road raises our cooperation

The representative of the Communist Party of Belarus stated the following: “The Socialism with Chinese Characteristics is extraordinarily important. We need t eliminate social and other inequalities. The Belt and Road Project is extremely important in that context. Its goal is to strengthen our ties. I have no doubt that the Belt and Road Project is the most important and effective platform worldwide to enable global cooperation. We are questioning our cooperation with other countries, including Ukraine.”

Closing speech by Turkey’s Vatan Party: the era of National Democratic Revolutions and opening to Socialism

Doğu Perinçek, Chairman of the Vatan Party (Turkey), has held the closing speech of the symposium. Perinçek stated the following:

“Our era is the era of National Democratic Revolutions and Opening to Socialism with the Chinese example. The Asian continent has once again taken the humanity’s leadership in this era. Africa and Latin America are Asia’s wings. The rising Asian civilization is and will be constructed by the governance of the people. The rising new civilization is popular, is state-led, focuses on the humans, is humanist, is sharing, and values private initiative just in so far as it serves the society’s interest.”

Perinçek continued:

“The rising new civilization enacts a political program. It is the program to abolish hegemony, to eliminate global inequality, to establish development by sharing and construct a multipolar world. This program opens the path to a world where all kind of classes, oppression and alienation is eliminated. Humanity’s great desire!

In this process, those states that fight against hegemony are the most important forces of that push world history forward. This struggle is led by arms, political instruments and on the economic level. Working people’s struggle against exploitation is a secondary factory.

Scientific Socialism is, today as it was yesterday, the guide against oppression and exploitation. The key element in this struggle is, that the vanguard parties achieve power by mobilizing their own nations and working classes, thus getting in a position to determine the future.

We, as Vatan Party, state that Turkey, which is on the forefront of the fight against US imperialism, has entered the phase of a historic opportunity. And we promise to you all, dear comrades: In the coming years, we will contribute to humanity’s great cause as governing party from Turkey.”

The following parties have held speeches in the World Symposium for Marxist Parties:

Communist Party of China

Communist Party of Spain

Communist Party of Brazil

Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Communist Party of India

Communist Party of the USA

Communist Party of Switzerland

Communist Party of Cuba

Communist Party of South Africa

Communist Party of Vietnam

Communist Party of Nepal

Communist Party of Mexico

Communist Party of Germany

Communist Party of Australia

Communist Party of France

Communist Party of United Kingdom

Communist Party of Sri Lanka

Communist Party of Chile

Communist Party of Egypt

Communist Party of Syria

Communist Party of Belarus

Communist Party of Bangladesh

Worker’s Party of Congo

Vatan (Patriotic) Party of Turkey

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