Turkey’s attitude in face of false accusations

Turkey’s attitude in face of false accusations

U.S. President Joe Biden has ‘recognized’ the so-called “Armenian genocide”.

But is this really an innocent move solely aimed at “commemorating” the saddening 1915 events, as Secretary Anthony Blinken asserted, or a well-thought-out plan with real geo-strategic considerations?

The U.S. official statement’s content indicates that we’re facing the latter.

Two main “ideas” are emerging from the statement: Obstructing Turkey’s rightful war on terror and undermining Turkey’s interests in the Eastern Mediterranean.

What does Biden truly mean when he says, “we do this not to cast blame but to ensure that what happened is never repeated”?

Let us remind that international “anti-Turkey” lobbies have previously played this “neo-genocide” card very professionally during the Nagorno-Karabakh military campaign and of course, during all Turkish operations against the terrorist organizations PKK and YPG in northern parts of Iraq and Syria.

Then again, when Biden refers to the city of Istanbul as “Constantinople”, whom does he salute?

Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration, two essential U.S. allies in the “total domination of the Eastern-Mediterranean” perspective, will surely appreciate this highly symbolic “gesture” and use it to boost their morale.

By releasing this irrational statement, it is also obvious that it was in Biden’s intentions to sabotage a potential Armenian, Azerbaijani and Turkish “rapprochement” policy. Indeed, such a prospect was envisaged by the joint “6-way Caucasus platform” proposal under Turkish, Russian and Azerbaijani leadership.

As the Armenian diaspora in the U.S. is expected to rush into courtrooms to sue Turkey in order to obtain financial compensations, the pressure on the Armenian government will also be accentuated.

A free and independent state of Armenia, making peace with its neighbours and trading with Turkey and Azerbaijan would naturally contradict U.S. interests in the region, since Washington nurtures itself only from endless conflicts.

Politically charged and manipulative accusations of so-called “genocide” are worthless in Turkey’s eyes.

As long as Turkey’s sovereign rights and territorial integrity are respected, the Turkish nation has always been peace-loving and is determined to remain as such.

The impetus behind Biden’s claims is very explicit: Imperialism had fabricated a lie around the 1915 events in the past century, now it wants to update it with brand new provocations.

New provocations are situated in the Caucasus with the exploitation of Armenians, in the Middle East with the exploitation of Kurds and finally in the Eastern-Mediterranean with the exploitation of Greeks.

Faithful Armenian and Greek patriots should know that Turkey is not the enemy and that fighting with Turkey is not and will never be in their nations’ objective interests.

Kurds, on the other hand, should reject once and for all terrorist PKK’s (and affiliates’) empty promises which entirely consist of absolute submission to eternal U.S. dominium in the region.

In the face of imperialist lies and provocations, patriots of all targeted nations should work together, hand-in-hand, to find sovereign and equitable solutions to problems that make imperialisms (of any origin) eager to engage in.

Our peaceful future in the region rests in the nations’ capacity and willingness to comprehend this very necessity.

Turkey is ready to play its part, if others do too.

 Sinan Baykent

Political Scientist. Former Political Advisor and Speechwriter. Commentator. Works on European nationalism, Türkiye and the Middle East.  

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