Global Covid Situation, Pt. 6: Argentina

Global Covid Situation, Pt. 6: Argentina

United World International is comntinuing its survey on the global Covid-19 situation, consulting its various experts in different countries.

Today, Facundo Escobar reports on Argentina.

Argentina reordered 557 deaths from covid-19 on April 24, its highest daily death toll till today from the coronavirus pandemic. On the same day, 27.88 new cases were registered. The total number of deaths rose to 61,176 people. There are 2,824,652 accumulated positive cases since March 2020. The health system is stressed but still gives an agile response.

The government is absolutely focused on the problem, which has no easy solution. A decrease in cases is expected to occur in a few weeks. The vaccination campaign is progressing –slowly. Argentina is one of the few countries with continuous access to vaccines. Latin America is one of the places most affected by pandemic in every way.

The political risks have been overheated these days because of the closure of schools and night tine curfew (forbidden to circulate between 8 PM and 6 AM) after an exponential acceleration in the number of infections occurred.

This combines with rising inflation and poverty. Political tensions eased rapidly from the national government’s point of view when they announced, unexpectedly, that the Sputnik V vaccine will be manufactured in the country. The reactionary and right-wing opposition was hit by the maneuver. It is fresh air for the government. They hope to produce 1 million doses per month.

Facundo Escobar

Facundo Escobar is an argentinian anthropologist, journalist, researcher and  International Relations and Political History Professor at National University of La Plata (UNLP), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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