Nuclear threats against Iran

Nuclear threats against Iran

Iran has announced that they have been monitoring the movements of the American B-52 heavy bombers and announced that their airspace was a red line, and furthermore that they would respond in an “overwhelming and harsh” manner towards any violations against the airspace. Iran’s statement came right after the United States has declared that two heavy bombers have been flying close to Iranian airspace on Thursday. This action from the United States was evaluated as a warning to Iran and its proxy forces, in case of an attack against the US or against their allies in the region.

Brigadier General Ghader Rahimzadeh, commander of Khatam-al Anbia Air Defense Headquarters, said that “The Main Air Defense Base is constantly monitoring the US bombers from a distance of over 150 kilometers away from our airspace boundaries in the southern of the Gulf region.”

Rahimzadeh inspected the Air Defense Operations Command Center according to Iranian Army Office of Public Relations. During the inspections he said “the skies of the country are our red lines. Our enemies have tried it before in the past. The slightest violation of the country’s airspace will surely be responded to by the Air Defense Command in an overwhelming and harsh way.”

Stressing that some airspace activities were carried out in the region by foreign forces, Rahimzadeh said that “All the movements of regional and transregional forces, including the American B-52 bombers that are reportedly flying a non-stop mission over some parts of the Persian Gulf, are monitored at a distance of more than 150km away from Iranian borders. The country’s integrated air defense base monitors their movements at every moment. The air defense base monitors and analyzes the movements of various types of drones and plans and implements appropriate plans by analyzing the enemy’s behaviors.”

Another even more shocking evaluation came from Turkey’s Vatan Party Chairman Dogu Perincek, who made several important statements about the topic during a TV program broadcasted on Ulusal Kanal this Tuesday. Perincek said that the American bombers loaded with nuclear bombs were patrolling right above the skies of Iran:

Dogu Perincek: Right now, I am giving you information that is still mostly unknown and was not published in any agency or media outlet throughout the world.

American planes armed with nuclear bombs are flying upon the skies of Iran. This is an observation that has been approved by Russian and the Iranian intelligence.

I repeat again. You have said that the American nuclear submarines were being deployed to the Persian Gulf, but they are not just coming from the sea. The submarines were already discussed in the international media. I am now giving you some very important information that has yet reflected on the international media. This is also very closely related to Turkey. Some American B-52 heavy bombers that are armed with nuclear weapons, are constantly patrolling the skies of Iran.

Ismet Ozcelik: The B-52s?

Dogu Perincek: Yes, they are patrolling. This is an observation confirmed by both Russian military intelligence and Iranian intelligence.

As the American bombers armed with nukes continue to pose a direct threat against Iran, the future may bear some unknown consequences regarding humanity’s nuclear fate.

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