The Monster with One Tooth versus the Proud Men from Heaven: why US Imperialism will never defeat the Turkish Nation

The Monster with One Tooth versus the Proud Men from Heaven: why US Imperialism will never defeat the Turkish Nation

We must ignore the victory cries of those in Turkey who have all their hopes invested in the United States. Even Biden and his team were not as happy as some of these people were when he won the election!

In the early Chinese records, the Turks are described as “proud men from heaven.” Unfortunately, people like Kılıçdaroğlu, who did not get enough of a share of this pride, bring humiliation on the Turkish nation with tactless support for Joe Biden.

The so-called “Land of the Freedom”, to which they are bound with all their love and faith, has proven unable to even manage running their election properly. I wonder why? The votes have to be counted again and again. What happened to that famed American resourcefulness? Objections to the election results continue. The Democratic and Republican Party, the pillar of the order, seem to want to liquidate each other entirely. Some are talking about civil war.

Trump, on the other hand, is organizing maneuvers to delay the handover of the White House, while the Democrats make lists of Trump cadre to scrap as soon as possible. Class polarization is evolving into violence and tyranny with extreme political polarization.

The current state of America is miserable. We watch together as every move Washington makes leads to greater and greater defeats.

The US economy is collapsing politically and militarily. We will soon witness a real collapse, and it will be most unlike a Hollywood movie. The social, cultural destruction is growing deeper. The phrase ‘homo homini lupus’, describes American society today quite well. The country was hit the hardest by the COVID-19 epidemic. The number of deaths is 246,974 lives as of November 11. The number of infected people is also a record, 10,654,923 people. (1)

Hence, as the saying goes, the one who prospers by persecution will face damnation! (Turkish: zulüm ile abat olanın akıbeti berbat olurmuş). This proverb is essentially a summary of Asian wisdom, and has immediate implications for the ongoing collapse of US imperialism, which has caused unparalleled distress on the world for 200 years, and will soon come to a fitting end.


Cahit Külebi, one of the memorial names among our populist poets, saw the reality of the US as early as 1971. Befitting Tevfik Fikret’s description of a “widowed girl left over from a thousand husbands”, Murat Belge expressed his gladness saying that “we took a breath with Biden”. (2)

Let us pay attention to Cahit Külebi’s words:


Önce Kristof Kolomb buldu Amerika’yı,

Sonra biz.

Umutlar azaldı, günden güne, mutluluklar

Ve ekmeğimiz.

[First Christopher Columbus found America, then us.

Hopes, happiness and our bread decreased day by day.]

Bir çocuk ağlarsa dağ başında

Gözyaşında Amerika akar.

Vurdularsa birini, kanı şorladıysa

Bilin ki o kurşunlarda Amerika var.

[If a child cries at the top of the mountain, America in tears flows.

If they shot someone, if his blood was shed, know that America is in those bullets.]

Kişi kişiye köle tutulduysa, asıldıysa

Darağaçlarında Amerika var.

Ama biz yine de direneceğiz

Sonuncumuza kadar.

[If a person was a slave to a person, if he was hung, America is in the gallows.

Yet, we will still resist until the last man stands.] (3)


Joe Biden wrote in a tweet he posted on November 11, 2020: “When I’m speaking to foreign leaders, I’m telling them: America is going to be back. We’re going to be back in the game.”

This challenge from the US is nonsense. The States will not be able to retake their place on the international scene. The world will continue toward a multipolar system.

Vice President Kamala Harris also said that in the new period, “Unlike the Trump administration, they will stand side by side with their civil society and pro-democracy partners in Syria.”

President Biden’s win will accelerate Turkey’s Asia initiative. If the US insists on a strategy of setting up a ‘second state of Israel’, Turkey will strike a blow which will cause Washington to leave the Western Asia altogether. To be a Turk is to live independently and with one’s head held high. Every true Turk looks at the US as Cahit Külebi did. The reason America has been unable to settle its frustration with Turkey is because of the deep consciousness of ‘the proud men from heaven.’

Let Pashinyan’s defeat be a lesson to Biden. Soon he will experience the very same thing in Syria and Libya. US aggression will unite the Caspian, Black Sea, Mediterranean, Arabian Sea and Red Sea. The Five Seas will come together, free our region from invaders, bring peace and tranquility, and then open the door to development and prosperity.


Those who do not want to understand the fact that the world has changed argue that China has hopes for Biden, replacing their wishes with the truth. However, it has been four days since Joe Biden was announced as having won the election, but China has yet to deliver a congratulatory message.

Unfortunately, some of our writers are unable to save themselves from being caught up in this opinion flow, stating that ‘the Chinese media welcomes Biden’s election,’ unable to help making evaluations about China through a Western lense. (4)

Apparently, the New York Times, the flagship of the American media, is much more realistic, publishing a story with the headline: “China has little hope of a warm relationship with Biden”. (5)

Global Times, acting as China’s voice to the outside world, is also realistic. In a commentary titled ‘China-US ties may face bigger challenges in long-term under Biden’, Global Times published the following comments.: “However, no matter who wins eventually, in general, both parties are on the same page on how to deal with China. They both label China as their strategic rival and aim to contain China, but with diverse means and tactics. In the short run, China’s relations with the US will be less tense. But in the long-term, bilateral ties will face a bigger challenge as Biden underlines US leadership, and he will spare no effort to align with its allies and partners to check and balance China, which seems to be more threatening to China in comparison to the Trump administration.” (6)


Born in Shanghai, British science fiction novelist J.G. Ballard’s words describe the new era well: “The American Dream has run out of gas. The car has stopped. It no longer supplies the world with its images, its dreams, its fantasies. No more. It’s over. It supplies the world with its nightmares now.” (7)

The essence of the American Dream, formulated in the 1930s, was that prosperity increased with each coming year compared to the previous year. The US is getting smaller every year despite all its aggression. At the same time, income distribution is getting worse.

Today, there is only one country that is confident that it will progress and develop common prosperity with every coming year: the People’s Republic of China. An example of the success of an independent, populist, statist stance.

“It is completely possible for China to double the size of its economy, as well as per capita income, by 2035,” Chinese President Xi Jinping extremely confidentially said, stating that they have made the necessary calculations. (8)


There was an important development that remained behind all the fuss of the American elections. The 20th Meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Council of Heads of Member States convened online. At the 20th Summit of the SCO, decisions were made to look into the future of the world with hope.

Chinese President Xi Jinping made an important speech via video in Beijing on the evening of November 10. Xi put forward a proposal to establish partnerships in four areas: health partnership, security partnership, development partnership and human and cultural partnership.

“People from all countries have a stronger desire for a beautiful life, the trend of development based on peace, development, cooperation and common gain cannot be stopped. Multilateralism has proved that unilateralism will certainly fail and will continue to prove,” Xi said.


Our great poet, Mehmet Akif Ersoy, used the term “a monster with a one tooth left” to describe British imperialism in the heat of our War of Independence. This is one of the most fitting expressions we could use to describe the USA today.

Those who are rubbing their hands over their victory should know that Biden and Harris, along with their all kinds of “democratic” sinners, saboteurs, spies, and terrorists, mean nothing to ‘the proud men from heaven’!

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Adnan Akfırat

Adnan Akfirat is former representative to China and Member of International Relations Bureau of the  Patriotic Party of Türkiye; Chairman of Turkish-Chinese Business Development and Friendship Association (Turk-Cin Is Der); visitor researcher of Shanghai University Turkish Studies Center and Shihezi University Silk Road Research Center. Mr. Akfirat has been living in Shanghai since 2011.

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