Russia-Ukraine and the role of the West and NATO: “One cannot seek peace by supplying weapons

Russia-Ukraine and the role of the West and NATO: “One cannot seek peace by supplying weapons

Because of the Draghi government’s blind Atlanticism, a country like Italy, which despite its position in the Western bloc has always maintained good relations with Moscow even in the Soviet times, has ended up espousing extremist positions similar to those of the Polish government. Indeed, Rome continues to send arms to the Kiev regime and does not oppose sanctions and embargoes against Russia even if these measures hit the Italian economy.

But there are some that oppose this warmongering drift, even in the Italian Parliament. Member of Parliament Matteo Dall’Osso (former 5 Star Movement now in Forza Italia) explained to United World International: “As I said in the Chamber (as one of the very few!): One cannot seek peace by supplying weapons. And by sending arms to Ukraine, the Draghi government is not doing the Italian people any good”.

Finally, the Italian MP spoke of his conference at the Chamber of Deputies on Abkhazia and thus of the importance of the concept of self-determination of peoples to build a new security architecture in Europe.

Mr. Dall’Osso, NATO is defined as a defensive alliance. However, over the years, it has continued to advance towards Russia and – using a definition given by the Pope – barks at its borders. It even engulfs two historically neutral countries like Finland and Sweden. In your opinion, can the modus operandi of the Atlantic alliance strengthen security in Europe?

Thank you for your question. I know many will misunderstand my answer… I am one of those people who think that all states should be one and the problems for one state should be the problem for all the other states.

So to the question of whether the European Union and European security will be strengthened, I answer with another question: Why can’t Russia also be part of it?

The Latins used the expression: Divide et impera (divide and conquer). I on the contrary think and hope that we can live together.

I know it is a utopian dream…

How do you see the future of NATO? Will it continue its expansion towards Asia?

Taking up the answer I gave you earlier, you know… Which continent is Russia part of? Europe? Asia? Only Russia has 9 different time zones. That means, Russia is three times bigger that the United States of America.

Probably, I will be misunderstood again, but as Russian President Putin said: I do not find anything wrong with having several states form part of a single organization either. What is important is not to build any military bases.

“Russia will take by force what international treaties had alredy foreseen”

How do you think the Russia-Ukraine conflict will change the geopolitical map of Europe? And what impact will it have on the world?

I think that Russia will take by force what the international treaties (Minsk) had already foreseen – namely that Ukraine remains a neutral ground.

Besides, the war will have the impact in the world to make the already rich even richer and make everyone else poorer.

The right of self-determination applies for all the same way: Ukraine, Georgia and Abkhazia

In the meantime, there are some governments, like the Italian one, who proclaim they want peace while sending arms to Ukraine and imposing sanctions and embargoes against Russia, which only have the effect of damaging their own economies. Why?

As I said in the Chamber (as one of the very few!): one cannot seek peace by supplying weapons. Italy shouldn’t have even expelled Russian diplomats and then sought an agreement.

In my view, all this could have been avoided, even simply by following up the conference I had organized in Montecitorio. On that conference, we were talking about a state that was part of the Soviet Union (Abkhazia) and that was recognized as independent by Russia, but not by other countries (including the UN!).

On the contrary, in wartime the UN expelled Russia. But then they would like to annex Ukraine to the European Community.

Having said that I might be OK with that, why not also do it with Abkhazia and Russia itself? Because we always find a pretext to divide.

That is why at the Chamber I talked about ‘warmongering’.

Italy is ruled by “people who do Italian people no good”

Why has Italy abandoned its historical position of proximity to Russia to align itself with the extremism of countries like Poland?

For me, Italy is ruled by people who are certainly well prepared, but who are not doing the Italian people any good. Then you know, Switzerland has also chosen a side.

I repeat: weapons are never the way to a peaceful solution.

You held a conference at the Chamber of Deputies entitled ‘The right of self-determination of peoples: between principles to be coordinated and protection of identities. Abkhazia and Greater Europe’. The President of Abkhazia, Aslan Bzhaniya also participated on the conference via Internet. Can you tell us about your initiative? Could the right to self-determination of peoples be the key to building a new security architecture in Europe? 

That’s right: the self-determination of the peoples will save us. Just as the Italian Prime Minister demanded it for Ukraine, Russia demanded it for Abkhazia.

I remind myself that self-determination should not only work with certain states. It should always apply. I always remind myself that the UN was created precisely to protect these interests.

I would also like to thank the person who explained all these concepts to me in very simple words, the very talented geopolitical expert Maria Suomy Monsellato.

Finally, you know: Through backstage rumors, I knew that the state of Georgia (invited by me to the conference through its representative) pressured the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs not to hold the conference I had requested on the self-determination of Abkhazia. Yesterday we learned that the President of the Italian Republic also met the President of Georgia and requested to join Europe.

Since Abkhazia was part of Georgia: Either self-determination applies to everyone or else there will inevitably be clashes and wars.

At the end, to quote John Lennon: “You may say I’m dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”

Fabrizio Verde

Journalist and geopolitics analyst.

One response to “Russia-Ukraine and the role of the West and NATO: “One cannot seek peace by supplying weapons

  1. Matteo Dall’Osso says:


    Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me.
    I’d like to let u know that 2 days ago I had the opportunity to tell it inside Montecitorio!
    I know it’s in Italian.
    I’ve just told:
    (Italian version):
    Grazie Presidente,
    vorrei ribadire il mio no all’invio di armi ad un paese nemmeno membro dell’Unione Europea.
    È una questione di coscienza, non si fermano le guerre alimentandole.
    Non si inducono gli attori coinvolti a sedersi ad un tavolo spedendo armi, ne applicando sanzioni che poi si ritorcono contro di noi.
    È una questione di coscienza.
    Avete visto gli FH70: armi pesanti? Lo veniamo a sapere perché gli ucraini hanno pubblicato le foto, perché l’Italia ha anche secretato queste informazioni.
    I miei complimenti al Presidente!

    (Video on my ISTAGRAM)


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